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Project Highlight: The Naked Truth About Fairies


"The Naked Truth About Fairies"
1st Place Short Comedy Film at The 2015 Indie Gathering

About the film: When your fairy godmother has ADD, be careful what you wish for.


Q: If there was just one thing you wanted audiences to know about your film, what would it be?

A: It's a film about making mistakes. The characters in Fairies have good and messed up their lives and it's in the messiness that they'll start to figure out what they really value.

Q: Can you share a fun fact/trivia about the making of your film?

A: We had a mafia extortion moment during production. We filmed at a hookah bar in Astoria, offered to us for free because it was good for the business. Once we had everything set up and were shooting, the owner showed up with his heavies and was ready to talk costs for space rental. So that was a learning experience.

Q: What makes your project unique, and why should audiences see this film?

A: The reception for this film has been surprising. The audiences you think are your target nod and say, okay. People you never expected to be your audience? They love it. There has been so much enthusiasm from unexpected directions, that I've learned you've just got to make the story you want to tell and let people decide for themselves whether they like it.

Q: Do you have any upcoming screenings, or is your film available for purchase or online viewing?

A: We have no screenings planned at the moment. We will continue to enter the film in festivals for a little longer and see how far it goes. Until this cycle is done, it will be screened at festivals only.

View the trailer:

More about the film:


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Submissions Now Open!

2016 submissions are NOW OPEN!

Registration forms available for film, script and film scoring competitions at www.theindiegathering.com.

Filmmakers, you can also submit online via Withoutabox, FilmFreeway, Film Festival Life, Click For Festivals and Festhome.

Writers, you can also submit online via Withoutabox, FilmFreeway and International Screenwriters' Association - ISA.

If you have a Spanish-language film, check out United Latino International Film Festival at www.unitedlatinofilm.com. Horror/sci-fi filmmakers, check out Horror Hotel at www.horrorhotel.net. Submissions for both of those festivals are also now open.


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Sony to Sponsor 2016 Indie Gathering

Thanks to our continued sponsorship with Sony Creative Software, we have more new prizes for both The 2016 International Horror Hotel and The 2016 Indie Gathering International Film Festival.

Sony will be giving away software to the Best Short Film, Best Feature Film and 1st place Film Scoring Competition winners. Each of these winners will receive Audio Master Suite and Catalyst Production Suite, a combined value of $1,000 in software.

Audio Master Suite - Sound Forge™ Pro 11 and SpectraLayers™ Pro 2 are the most advanced waveform and spectral editing applications available today. Each with its own unique genius, they work seamlessly together to form a colossal editing system offering extraordinary and immediate gains for audio professionals everywhere. Award-winning Sound Forge digital audio editing software includes a powerful set of audio processes, tools, and effects for manipulating audio. Sound Forge software allows you to edit, record, encode, and master nearly any form of digital audio including WAV, AIFF, and MP3. Whether you're new to editing audio or you're a seasoned audio engineer, there is a Sound Forge product that is right for you.

Catalyst Production Suite - The Catalyst Production Suite fuses powerful media preparation and fast, focused video editing to provide the backbone for your video productions. Catalyst Prepare paves your path from camera to post with robust organizational tools, strong color adjustment and monitoring, extensive metadata support, and more. Catalyst Edit provides a lean, focused video editing environment that makes your cutting process fast and fluent. With support for 4K and Sony RAW media, the Catalyst Production Suite gives you the power to make the most of your camera's high dynamic range and wide color gamut as well as the stunning resolution of 4K from beginning to end.



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2015 Awards Announced at the Festival

Best Feature Film & Best Overall Film: "Wildlike"
Best Micro Film: "Stay"
Best Music Video: "CLAIRE: Next Ones to Come"
Best Ohio Film: TIE - "Oremus" and "A Way Out"
Best Short Film: "A Private Matter"

Viewer's Choice: "Seahorses"

Best Feature Script & Best Overall Script: "Chomp" by Timothy Hogg
Best Series Script: "Together" by Sonibel Rae
Best Short Script: "Dongmei" by Bob Messinger
*winners will receive Movie Outline 3.0 from our sponsor Nuvotech

Best Cinematography: John Anderson Beavers, "Victor"
Best Director: Frank Hall Green, “Wildlike”
Best Lead Actor: Robert Costanzo, "A Way Out"
Best Lead Actress: Tanima Bhattacharya, "Shackle"
Best Supporting Actor: Bruce Greenwood, "Wildlike"
Best Supporting Actress: Patricia French, "Todd and Anne"

Best Ohio Cinematography: Mike McNeese, "A Way Out"
Best Ohio Director: Jim Higgins, "Oremus"
Best Ohio Lead Actor: Jeff Potts, "Oremus"
Best Ohio Lead Actress: Tirzah Wise, "Oremus"
Best Ohio Supporting Actor: Bryan Michael Block, "COLD"
Best Ohio Supporting Actress: Taryn Toone, "To Sasha with Love"

Acting Grand Champion: Catherine Young
Stunt Grand Champion: Ben Zgorecki

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This year's Indie Gathering was a great success. We want to thank each and every one of you - filmmakers, writers, vendors, actors, crew, spectators - for coming out to the event. We also want to thank all of our volunteers, who helped this year run more smoothly. Couldn't do it without you all.

It was great to see people networking and making new connections, and everyone commented on the quality of films at the fest being amazing this year. That's always so awesome to hear.

For those of you who attended, please consider leaving us a review and/or sending Kristina a short testimonial on what you thought of the event. If you have comments or suggestions on things you'd like to see different or new things for the event, send that to Kristina at kristina(at)worldeonline(dot)com. We are always open to suggestions and ways to make The Indie Gathering even better.

Next year's dates have already been set, and we are turning 21, so it's bound to be a wild time! The festival will be happening August 8th-14th at The Clarion Inn & Conference Center in Hudson, OH. August 8th-10th will be the inaugural United Latino Film Festival, hosted by The Indie Gathering. We hope to see you all again at the event, and thank you again for helping to make our 20th Indie Gathering so memorable.

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