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Project Highlight: Cruising


3rd Place Romantic Drama Feature Script at The 2015 Indie Gathering

When a 17-year-old boy and a man old enough to be his father fall in love with each other, finding a quiet spot aboard the cruise ship they’re on becomes a real challenge.

Interview with Writer Saba (New York)

Q: What was the inspiration for your script?

A: Over the years, I’ve been teaching people to write about what they know, and yet I have been the first to write about fiction. While aboard a cruise ship last year, I had a little love affair, which made me think about the base for “Cruising.” When I was writing the screenplay, a friend of mine got married and it created a huge debate amongst their family, because my friend is 28 and his husband is 56. The main issue was not so much the fact that they are men, though it was a problem for some, but their age difference and because they had been together for over ten years, and the youngest of the 2 was a minor when they met. One of the mothers said that her son was being forced, the other said that it was irresponsible, in the end they got married without the consent of their family, and they seem to be perfectly happy.

Q: What is the most unique aspect of your story?

A: In my version of the story, the two men meet on a cruise ship, and they are both with their family. The ship is huge, and offers a lot of options when it comes to setting the story, but what makes the story unique, is that all the characters must fight their own demons. Even our two men, must consider the repercussions of their relationships on their family. In a way, the cruise ship represents their own mind and what and where they go shows a big part of their personality.

Q: Is your goal to produce the script yourself or option it to someone else?

A: As I was writing this script I’ve decided that it would be a better idea to make it available for others to produce. Things may change, but unless it’s done on a real ship, I’m not sure it would be as realistic as I would like it to be. Many scenes happen on the top deck, and all the major entertainment locations of the ship, the restaurants, the clubs, and a few scenes are in the staterooms, so unless the production is sponsored by a major cruise liner, willing to promote LGBT equality, I am not sure I personally could produce it. But I would be thrilled to be a part of the production, as the script is very close to my heart.

Q: If you could pick anyone to star in your produced script, who would it be and why?

A: The way I see it, there is four important characters. The two men are the leading roles, and it might be smarter to not cast anyone famous, because it would lack the authenticity of their personality. Since I wrote Andre’s character as if it was me, I would love to play that role. ;) But I guess Orlando Bloom could play the older man in the relationship. In the story, “Andre,” is 42 so Orlando could do that, but it would be a challenge to see him play a gay man. For the two supporting roles, the mother of the young man and Andre’s roommate, I could see Melissa McCarthy and Stanley Tucci.
These characters are not meant to be funny, but it would help the audience to relate to the story. And I must say that if I was playing Andre, I would love to work with these two actors. Casting is a huge part in the success of a movie, and casting stars, just because we can doesn’t make the movie better. It’s all about relating to the characters. The actor, famous or not, must totally fuse with the character, so we (the audience), only see the humanity of the story.

More information on Saba and his work:


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Project Highlight: Kandiyohi


1st Place Feature Crime-Drama at The 2015 Indie Gathering

An action packed modern-day western about a group of friends who struggle to leave their tiny hometown and a life of drugs, violence, and crime behind them. But the only way out is to pull off one final heist, which means robbing the most corrupt and dangerous person they've ever met — the local sheriff.


Q: If there was just one thing you wanted audiences to know about your film, what would it be?

A: Kandiyohi is a picture that can be enjoyed viscerally and/or intellectually pending on one’s willingness to engage with the film.

Q: Can you share a fun fact/trivia about the making of your film?

A: Here are a couple of facts about the film: 99% of the film was actually shot in Kandiyohi County Minnesota, we had over 15 different cuts of the film and measured our progress with empty bottles of whiskey and pizza boxes, director cameo as a stand in for the sheriff in two shots, the illegal sawed off shotgun in the film is real and we had to make blanks out of real shells.

Q: What makes your project unique, and why should audiences see this film?

A: There are several aspects to Kandiyohi that make the picture unique in today’s environment. Firstly, I’d say that this a film about people, not super heroes and not people who are purely bad or good, just regular people with their own contradictions and faults. This is also an art film, that takes aesthetic risks not usually seen in American cinema. Next, I’d say the the film focuses on subverting one’s expectations of the normal cinematic viewing experience, which is done through editing, shot duration, and etc.

Q: Do you have any upcoming screenings, or is your film available for purchase or online viewing?

A: The best way to be informed on Kandiyohi's upcoming screenings one should like my production company’s page of FB https://www.facebook.com/pointlakepictures check my website http://www.pointlakepictures.com and follow me on twitter @PointLPictures
Kandiyohi is screening at several upcoming festivals and the screening info can be found on my social media and website.


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Project Highlight: Nature Boy


"Nature Boy"
1st Place Feature Comedy Script at The 2015 Indie Gathering

NATURE BOY is a comedy that concerns a young couple's lessons of life and love as told through a series of outrageous misadventures.


Q: What was the inspiration for your script?

A: The main character is actually based on someone I once knew who was always getting himself caught up in all kinds of nutty situations. I always thought he was a story waiting to be told. He was compulsive, hard headed , and not very mechanically inclined, like my main character in the script. I knew this guy back in the days of the back-to-the-country movement of the late 60’s through the 70’s. I was originally going to set the story in that era but wasn’t sure if a younger audience could relate to that period of time. So instead, I set it in the present, which originally presented some challenges as far as a rational for the story, but ultimately I think it made for a better and more universal story.

Q: What is the most unique aspect of your story?

A: I like to think it has a unique style of comedy. I like comedy that is not trying to be overtly funny, it just is. I like Indie humor that doesn’t strike you as being funny until a few days later. Napoleon Dynamite was an great inspiration for writing “Nature Boy”. There are also a lot of slapstick scenes and scenes that aren’t meant to be humorous in the script, just to mix things up.

Q: Is your goal to produce the script yourself or option it to someone else?

A: My goal is to be a writer; so, I’m hoping a studio or production company may pick up the screenplay. My original goal was to write novels. Winning best feature comedy at The Indie Gathering has inspired me to start writing a novel and another screenplay – a romantic comedy.

Q: If you could pick anyone to star in your produced script, who would it be and why?

A: To be honest with you: I’m not an avid moviegoer anymore. I mostly read. But, I see that as an advantage, because my goal in writing is to write original material. If I was following what everyone else was doing: I would probably end up writing like them. I’ve seen enough movies in my time to know how to construct a good story for a script. The screenplay, “Nature Boy,” is written for a young audience; so, I think whoever picks up the script should pick out their actors. Although, I did have in mind Ashton Kutcher for the lead role, but he might be too old now to play the part.

For more information on "Nature Boy", contact Vic at vicgspark@sbcglobal.net


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Project Highlight: The Naked Truth About Fairies


"The Naked Truth About Fairies"
1st Place Short Comedy Film at The 2015 Indie Gathering

About the film: When your fairy godmother has ADD, be careful what you wish for.


Q: If there was just one thing you wanted audiences to know about your film, what would it be?

A: It's a film about making mistakes. The characters in Fairies have good and messed up their lives and it's in the messiness that they'll start to figure out what they really value.

Q: Can you share a fun fact/trivia about the making of your film?

A: We had a mafia extortion moment during production. We filmed at a hookah bar in Astoria, offered to us for free because it was good for the business. Once we had everything set up and were shooting, the owner showed up with his heavies and was ready to talk costs for space rental. So that was a learning experience.

Q: What makes your project unique, and why should audiences see this film?

A: The reception for this film has been surprising. The audiences you think are your target nod and say, okay. People you never expected to be your audience? They love it. There has been so much enthusiasm from unexpected directions, that I've learned you've just got to make the story you want to tell and let people decide for themselves whether they like it.

Q: Do you have any upcoming screenings, or is your film available for purchase or online viewing?

A: We have no screenings planned at the moment. We will continue to enter the film in festivals for a little longer and see how far it goes. Until this cycle is done, it will be screened at festivals only.

View the trailer:

More about the film:


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