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Project of the Day: Let It Bleed

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"Let It Bleed"
Written by Scott Selden (Virginia)
Honorable Mention Feature Script at The 2015 Horror Hotel

Logline: Callous attorney Johanna Palmer embarks to an isolated town where a grisly encounter with a client threatens both her life and sanity. As a Lovecraftian menace and monsters emerge, how will she meet her end?

Q: What was the inspiration for your script?

A: In terms of narrative, I always envisioned this as an R-rated episode of The X Files starring just Scully by way of a less apocryphal Denzel's Fallen. I’m a fanatic for unsettling noir and creature feature sleaze, and the strange nexus where they sometimes meet entertains me the most. Shutter Island, Angel Heart, The Maltese Falcon, Gaiman’s Sandman, Blade Runner, Eric Red's The Hitcher, At the Mouth of Madness, Lovecraft’s The Festival and The Lurking Fear, old Twilight Zone episodes- the list goes is long.

In terms of craft, the scripts for The Matrix, Raiders of the Lost Ark, Looper, and 2013's Evil Dead really had a profound effect on me. The way each describes action and how it was later translated to screen is fascinating. Alexandre Aja's films assure me there's still a place for hardcore horror in theaters.

Q: What is the most unique aspect of your story?

A: A tough question for a concept so reliant on pop tradition. “The cold and calculating professional assigned to a witness no one believes, stumbles upon the occult in their pursuit for truth”. I would simply argue that there hasn't been a carnival ride constructed quite like mine, and it holds a fair amount of dark surprises.

On a more sad and cynical tangent, you don't see too many strong black woman roles in American film.

Q: Is your goal to produce the script yourself or option it to someone else?

A: I lack both the money and experience required to helm the technical side of production right now, so I'm trying my best to find a paid writing position in the industry. A guild sanctioned project would be a dream job.

Q: If you could pick anyone to star in your produced script, who would it be and why?

A: Sonja Sohn, no contest. Based solely on her performance in The Wire.

For more information:


Project of the Day: Rue

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Written by Kay Poiro (Maryland)
1st Place Pilot Script at The 2015 Horror Hotel

Logline: A Creole grandmother in Louisiana sells her soul to the devil in exchange for a life long enough to kill every descendant of the man who murdered her family. Then, she finds out that she is the last surviving member and she's been tricked.

Q: What was the inspiration for your script?

A: My inspiration for the script were the Louisiana roots of my mother's family tree. The family had a strong, seemingly ageless matriarch with several daughters. Although there were children, I never saw any men. As a youngster, I wondered what happened to them. Did they run off or was it something far more sinister?

Q: What is the most unique aspect of your story?

A: It's a horror television show that takes place almost entirely in a historical bed and breakfast in south Louisiana and the protagonist is a serial murderer black woman in her 60s.

Q: Is your goal to produce the script yourself or option it to someone else?

A: My goal is to produce it myself, but I'm certainly open to bringing in others who're just as passionate about the project as I am!

Q: If you could pick anyone to star in your produced script, who would it be and why?

A: Leslie Uggams. She's been a powerhouse on stage for decades and I wish I could see her more on TV.


Project of the Day: Abigail

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Written by Doug Kaufman (Michigan)
Honorable Mention Feature Script at The 2015 Horror Hotel

Logline: When a fool tries to prevent the birth of a bastard child from inheriting his fortune, it backfires and costs him and his lineage everything!

Q: What was the inspiration for your script?

A: I am a HUGE fan of King Diamond (Heavy metal artist) and all of his solo works are concept albums - he currently has 12 and I have been able to find a way to connect all of them together to make a large "saga" spanning over 2,000 years - the King Diamond fan community has been screaming for a movie to be made for any of his albums... since Hollywood would probably screw up the story lines for any album, the only way to keep the story the way it was intended is for a true fan of his work to create any or all of the screenplays based off of his work and I am that fan to do it!

Q: What is the most unique aspect of your story?

A: The way Abigail is... "born"

Q: Is your goal to produce the script yourself or option it to someone else?

A: I would choose to do this myself... I don't trust "Hollywood" to keep the story and vision in tact...

Q: If you could pick anyone to star in your produced script, who would it be and why?

A: There are five main characters: Jonathan LaFey, O'Brian, the old Count LaFey, Miriam Natias & Abigail... for those five, if money was no object, my choices would be:

Jonathan LaFey - played by Indie actor Jason McCallister

Since Miriam & Abigail look exactly the same, the same person can play both parts - played by Kristina Michelle. Reason: She has that look I want for these parts - very beautiful, on the short side, fun, playful, young & the natural long hair... "looking the part" is a very big deal for me and Kristina has that look!

Count LaFey - played by someone else I met at the Horror Hotel event - actor/screenwriter/director Tom Ryan... if he could play a deranged & psychotic killer in "Faces" then he can play an evil Count with no issues - just put him in makeup to make him look 30 years older and that's the Count's look... and he can act!

O'Brian - played by, again if money was no object - Lance Henricksen - he has the rough & rugged look - like he's been through hell and back but he also has that softer "protector" side... both of those traits are key to O'Brian's character... but since money would probably be a factor - then Indie actor Edward X. Young... again, it's that look I would be going for...


Project of the Day: Spooked

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Written by Jaime Medina (New York)
3rd Place Feature Horror Script at The 2015 Horror Hotel

Synopsis: A horror anthology for kids! The bubbling cauldron in their living room has just confirmed Jason and Freddie's worst fears: their babysitter is a WITCH! Left alone with her on Halloween night, the kids must find a way to survive until Mom and Dad get home! But that cauldron's almost ready and the witch is HUNGRY! What to do? Stall her! But how? By reading some scary stories, of course!

Q: What was the inspiration for your script?

A: As a kid, I was always a big fan of horror/sci-fi anthologies, like "Twice Told Tales". I wanted to write something like that, but aim it at kids, because they are the horror fans of tomorrow.

Q: What is the most unique aspect of your story?

A: I feel this is a unique script in that it's horror aimed at kids. Not necessarily PG-13 horror like the "Insidious" films, but horror safe enough for younger kids, but still scary enough to hook them.

Q: Is your goal to produce the script yourself or option it to someone else?

A: I don't know anything about producing, so my hope was to option it. Hopefully the new "Goosebumps" film will have great success and spur a slew of similar films, then "Spooked!" may be in demand.

Q: If you could pick anyone to star in your produced script, who would it be and why?

A: I would prefer unknown actors, just like Romero did in Night of the Living Dead. However, a large studio with a stable of young actors (think Disney, Nickelodeon) would find it a great vehicle for its stars.


Project of the Day: Final Project

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"Final project"
Directed by Eric Lam (Hong Kong)
Questions answered by producer Vincent Luk
1st Place Foreign Horror Feature at The 2015 Horror Hotel

Synopsis: An insane film school student, Kane, dreamed of being superior to all the famous directors before his 26th birthday. He plans to commit suicide at his birthday party after finding himself unsuccessful. When he realizes 4 celebrated directors are meeting up at his school to have a photo session soon, he considers it his last chance. He allies with his schoolmates, Fai and Ma Yong, to form a team together with a drama school student, Queenie. Kane is determined to intrude the school and shoot a bloody documentary in the style of REC. But when things start going out of control as they film, his mockumentary becomes too real.

Q: If there was just one thing you wanted audiences to know about your film, what would it be?

A: Same with our film name "Final Project", we also viewed this production as our final project, as shooting a debut feature film is really difficult in fund raising and production aspects. We have put a lot of the irony of the film industry and life by using humorous measures, which is the biggest characteristic of "Final Project"! We are sure it will be an innovative and gratifying journey for the audiences!

Q: Can you share a fun fact/trivia about the making of your film?

A: The funniest thing is that until the last month of pre-production, we still intended to shoot another story which is totally different from "Final Project"! However, we couldn't get sufficient funds to shoot it. By the time we struggled whether to give up or not, Director Eric Lam drove out his hidden capability, wrote a new story by using his own experiences and creativity, and brought out a weird but at the same time sympathetic horror-comedy known as "Final Project"! On the other hand, the insane student, Kane, more or less is the reflection of our crazy director, Eric!

Q: What makes your project unique, and why should audiences see this film?

A: This story is thoroughly a new idea. Audiences would be surprised by our uniqueness and innovation. We brought an unseen story, packaging in-depth philosophy with funny jokes. Besides, our "two camera" synchronizing shoot is also a great adventure for our audiences to feel more involved in the scene, Just like they are truly witnessing the whole bloody "slaughter"!

Q: Do you have any upcoming screenings, or is your film available for purchase or online viewing?

A: Final Project is seeking chances of theatrical releases in both Hong Kong and overseas, so if anyone is interested in putting our film on commercial purposes, please feel free to contact us! For the others who like "Final Project" please follow our facebook page to support us and keep an eye on our next movement!

More about the film:

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