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New Shows - 1/29/14

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Check out our new shows on The Reel TV Network!

The Reel Show
-Interviews with Travis Bowen and Matt Jefferson
-Short films "Final Notes", "Conscious" and "Water Boy"
-Teaser Trailer for "Between the Cracks"

Horror Hotel
-Grave of the Vampire

Indie Music Scene
-Music videos for "We Walk Alone", "The Axis" and "My Own Worst Enemy"
-Interview with Brittany Williams and Darvio "The Kingpin" Morrow of @The The Avenue Radio Show

The Dojo
-Interviews with Grand Masters Charles Brown and Gene Madry
-Various seminar clips from The International Circle of Masters
-In the Ring: Fake Attacks
-A Minute of Self Defense: Single Straight Grab

Indie Film School
Cinematography panel with Bruno Tatalovic, Ryan Atkins and Christian Taylor

Split Second

Renfro Valley All Access
We're taking you to the Renfro Valley RV Parks to talk to some guests and get their opinions on the parks. We'll also get ready for the Gene Watson show live in the Renfro Valley New Barn Theater by talking to some long time Gene Watson fans, and then an interview with the man himself, Mr. Gene Watson! Lastly we'll take you to the annual Harvest Festival and Antique Tractor Show at Renfro Valley.

OCA Image TV: Cleveland Culture Display II
All cultural performances with martial art, Instant Noodles performance, CAF performances (Chinese, Japanese, Indian, Hawaiian, Vietnamese, Filipino and other), Lion Dance, Dragon Dance


Now on WOBZ-9 in Kentucky!

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Starting January 25th, our show Horror Hotel will be airing on WOBZ-9 in Kentucky, Saturdays at 10pm.

The following week, February 1st, The Reel Show will start airing on WOBZ-9 immediately following Horror Hotel at 11:30pm.

If you are in the area, check it out!


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The Avenue Radio Show ( stopped by our studio for interviews on Indie Music Scene and plugged the network while they were at it. Check out their show, and be on the lookout for their interviews on episode 4 (THE Andre Cato and Doug Magill) and episode 5 (Brittany Williams and Darvio "The Kingpin" Morrow) of IMS!


"Horror Hotel" Ends 2013 as Top Show on SWIG TV!

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Congratulations to Director Mike Perzel of "Horror Hotel", hosted by Lamia (Kristina Michelle), for having the top show on SWIG TV in over 200 countries. Great job, Mike! Keep up the good work.


Kristina Michelle on "The Buzz"

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The Reel TV Network's producer will be on The Buzz on January 2nd (Thursday) at 10am PST (1pm EST). You can listen from anywhere, and feel free to call in while she's on the show! They can take up to 50 callers at a time. Go to the link below to set a reminder to listen.

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