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This was sent out on April 29th 2014 and only members would be able to see it!!



Music Video in Chicago

Shoots May 2-4


Payment: Meal, Copy, $200 flat for the weekend

Please submit headshots/resume

MALE: Late 20s to Mid 40s. Olive skin. Average to semi muscular. Must be comfortable making out with an actress on camera.

If interested, e-mail


The Last Hour, Indie SAG Film

Shooting May 30-June 3 in Chicago

Payment: $200 per night; 3 shooting nights - total $600

Casting "Eric" - 16-25, open ethnicity, a teenage runaway barely surviving off the streets. He yearns for family and acceptance but it tortured by guilt and shame. He has done his fair share of bad deeds but is ultimately a vulnerable kid.

Email headshots and resumes to


DATE: Thursday, May 1st
LOCATION: Wicker Park, Chicago
RATE: $125 flat fee



1. REAL HAIRSTYLISTS: African American women who are REAL stylists. Ages 20-40. Nice Looking and must have cute clothes. Please note your experience working at a salon or cutting hair.

2. SALON CUSTOMERS: All ethnicities, Male and female, Ages 20-35, good looking with nice wardrobe and contemporary looks. We need a nice mix for this.

If you are interested and available for this shoot please send an email to Put the role you are interested in in the subject line i.e. SALON CUSTOMERS. Put your name, phone number, height, weight and type of wardrobe in the body of the email. Confirm that you are available. Attach a recent jpeg photo. We'd like to see your face and your body (in clothes please).
Submissions will be photo picked by the director. We will notify you if you are being submitted.


This call is for principle roles only and only serious submissions will be considered (meaning you will need to be available for the entire shoot, every day we need you, both in Chicago and on the road, no exceptions! This could be a commitment that lasts all of SUMMER 2014, Mid June through the End of August. Details regarding director, title, and producers will be announced shortly.

We are looking for males and females, ages 18-23 (who LOOK 18). Do NOT send in if you are older than 23! We are not looking for anyone above that age bracket, if you send in you will NOT be considered.

Please send in your head-shot with your acting resume and any link to a reel or example of your work. Let us know if you are SAG or NON-SAG. Please don’t send in head-shots and resumes unless you can make yourself available the entire time).

If we want to audition you for a role we will call you in for an audition. Auditions will start within the next few weeks, or sooner.

This is a very exciting opportunity, and we have the ability to go on a grand adventure.

Submit your email to with the subject [SUMMER BASH 4.22], if you are SAG your submission should have the subject [SAG SUMMER BASH 4.22]. Include your NAME, AGE, HEIGHT, WEIGHT, and PHONE NUMBER.


1. Casting for "A Flower in the Mud"

Casting principal roles for "A Flower in the Mud", an independent
feature film from director Fred Muntzer and adapted from a book
under the same name.

It is a passionate, powerful story of the love and commitment of a
fallen woman trying to make a comeback in life, and her husband's
realization of what his ego had done to him. The ego, that all
powerful ego that will not allow a person to love unless society
says it's OK to do. It has best been described as a story of what
love is and love isn't. It dramatizes the differences men and women
have in distinguishing between love and sex.

Shoots June-July in New Jersey.


Terry McGowan: female, 25-35, Caucasian, average height, beautiful,
very seductive and can really act.

Michael McGowan: male, 25-35, Caucasian, very attractive, 5'9"-6',
average build, must be a very good actor.

Seeking submissions nationwide.

Send submissions to

Note from the Producer: Actors must have what it takes to be a
major talent. All ethnicities and ages needed. Very demanding
acting skills. No nudity required. No websites please. Safe emails
only. Absolutely no phone calls. Principals only.

All positions will be paid according to their experience under
SAG-AFTRA modified low budget film agreement.


1. "The Weekend" is a new horror movie written by Meredith Holland
and will be directed by Meredith Holland and Noelle Bye Hansen ,
the creators of the indie horror flick, Chill, over this summer.
There are a handful of roles that need to be filled.
This is a low-budget indie film, which means there will be no pay,
but food and drink will be provided at filmings.

WHERE: Weathervane Community Playhouse
1301 Weathervane Ln, Akron, Ohio 44313

WHEN: Saturday, May 10th - All day

The Weekend starts of with great intentions, but turns out horribly
wrong. Annie and Brandon plan to elope, but their best friends take
them on a weekend getaway to a cabin, hoping that the wedding will
then take place there. While the group are enjoying what should be
a perfect weekend, they meet Dean, a charming hunter who lives near
by. The game Dean hunts isn't animals. Its people. And he now has
his sights on this group of friends.

These are the roles we are currently looking for:

Annie- mid to late twenties- engaged to Brandon. This is her big
weekend. The actress must be ok with hugging and kissing Brandon.

Kayleigh-early to mid twenties- Michael's sister. She does anything
for a thrill and believes in all kinds of supernatural things. She
secretly has a crush on Josh. She is a definite smartass.

Lana-mid to late twenties-Annie's step sister. Lana is not a big
role, but she is a very physical role, and the scenes with Lana set
the pace for the entire film. Must be ok with physical action and
getting dirty.

Brandon-late 20s. The male romantic lead. Engaged to Annie. Typical
guy who likes doing guy stuff. Actor must be ok with hugging and
kissing Annie.

Michael-mid to late twenties-Kayleigh's brother. He is a smartass,
just like his sister. Actor must be ok with playing an openly gay
character. This is a very physical role. Lots of action. Michael
goes through alot in this movie. Being able to cry on camera will
definitely be a plus.

For the audition, you will be doing readings from the script. For
the actresses auditioning for Lana, you will be given another
character to read as.

2. Casting Call for ‘Mulogo and His Quintuple of Trouble’
Birth of a Notion, Inc.
Cast in Cleveland | Low Budget Short Film | Starts: September 20,
Director: Martin Reese
Producers: Martin Reese and Stephanie Shanks-Reese
Audition Dates: Saturday, May 31, 2014
Pay Rate: Deferred
Electronic Submissions/ Scheduled Auditions
Phone: 216-371-3193
Submissions: Headshot and Resume ASAP
Audition Dates: Saturday, May 31, 2014 12PM-5PM
Audition Location:
Cleveland State University Howard A. Mims African American Cultural
Main Classroom Building, Room 137
(Corner of E. 22nd St. and Chester Ave.)
The setting is the chamber of an ancient castle where Master Wizard
Alazar and his young apprentice Mulogo reside. Master Wizard Alazar
instructs Mulogo to clean the castle chamber. But when Alazar
leaves the castle Mulogo disobeys his teacher’s prior warnings by
opening a book of magic and reciting a random spell. Unknowingly he
conjures a five-headed talking dragon that now wants to kill him.
Mulogo has to use his wits to not only survive, but to get rid of
the dragon before Alazar returns.
• MULOGO: (10-12) Male. African-American. Smart, resourceful,
overly curious and impatient with his learning which often gets him
into trouble. Overall all he is a good child. Note: Actor’s head
will have to be clean shaven. Acting will be done against a green
screen. (Plays 1 day)
• MASTER WIZARD ALAZAR: (50(+)) Male. Open ethnicity. Alazar is
very old. He is beyond ready to pass on his knowledge to someone
who is much younger and capable. He is a stickler for following
rules. He is very self-assured. He is kind. He wants Mulogo to
succeed. Note: Acting will be done against a green screen. Willing
to audition younger actors, but they will have to have range to
portray someone much older. (Plays 1 day)
The following set of roles will be for one or more voice actors.
THE DRAGON: The dragon has five heads with distinct powers and
personalities. The heads are individualistic and egotistical. The
dragon itself is ancient. Over the centuries the dragon has been
summoned many times by wizards and sorcerers. Sometimes the dragon
was forced to grant wishes and sometimes the dragon was able to
grant death to those who recited the spell incorrectly. The dragon
is never happy to be disturbed.
• WHITE HEAD (ICE): the white head has the ability to freeze
things. White Head is always calm and controlled. White Head is
knowledgeable and doesn’t mind showing off what he knows. He can be
very talkative which sometimes annoys the other heads. Open gender.
(Plays 1 day)
• RED HEAD (FIRE): the red head has the ability to burn things. Red
Head is very impatient and grumpy. Red Head is quick to anger and
can be impulsive. He finds White Head the most annoying. He is not
particularly fond of Orange Head either. He finds him to be
redundant. Open gender. (Plays 1 day)
• GREEN HEAD (VENOM): the green head has poisonous venom that is
more lethal than any earthly poisons. Green Head is both resentful
and sensitive because he is never chosen as the instrument of death
when the opportunity arises. He speaks with long “essses”. Open
gender. (Plays 1 day)
• BLUE HEAD (LIGHTNING): the blue head has the power of lightning.
He is quick witted and has disdain for the Green Head. He will use
any chance he has to show his disdain. He speaks very quickly
virtually running his words together. Open gender. (Plays 1 day)
• ORANGE HEAD (LAVA): the orange head can spew lava. He doesn’t
particularly like Red Head and finds his impulsiveness and lack of
patience irritating. He is slow-witted and speaks very slowly. Open
gender. (Plays 1 day)
All actors will be provided with a copy of the film and IMDB
Sides will be available at the audition site, but they can be
requested prior to the audition via
e-mail at When e-mailing please
list which role you wish to audition for in the subject heading.


We are seeking experienced and professional actors for the feature
film "Criminal Activities". This crime drama, to be directed by
Jackie Earle Haley, will star John Travolta and is filming in
Cleveland starting this Spring.

Consideration for these speaking roles will be granted only to
qualified, proven, credited, experienced actors--no exceptions.
This is not an extras casting call. This is an open call for day
players. All experienced talent must register for an audition with
a professional resume and headshot. This is a registration only--
audition selections will be determined after review of your
credentials and character descriptions.

We are selecting experienced actors only for the following day
player roles:
(1) LITTLE MIKE: Caucasian male, 30’s, Intimidating, 5’10” or
taller, Big/Bulky
(2) AGENT REICHERT: African-American male, mid-40s
(3) AGENT 1: Caucasian or African-American male, mid-30's
(4) MATTHEW: Caucasian male, around 26 (must match principle
(5) DEMETRIUS: African-American male, 68-70
(6) ORPHEUS: African-American male, Big/Bulky, 35-45
(7) BLACK DUDE #1: African-American male, clean cut, mid-late 30s
(8) BLACK DUDE#2: African-American male, clean cut, mid-late 30s
(9) BLACK DUDE#3: African-American male, clean cut, mid-late 30s
(10) DISGRUNTLED CUSTOMER: Caucasian or African-American male, drug
(11) JULIAN: African-American male, late 20s, wirey/thin
(12) PASTOR: Caucasian male, 50s
(13) LAWYER: Caucasian male, 65ish
(14) MAN/PRIVATE INVESTIGATOR: Caucasian male, 35-45
(15) PROPRIETOR/OLDER BARBER: African-American male, old timer, 50
(16) RENALDO: African-American male, 28, wirey, attitude
(17) SHOP KEEPER: Caucasian or African-American male, 50s, mechanic
(18) TRENCH COAT (GUY): Caucasian male, Big/Bulky, 30-40,
(19) WAITRESS: Caucasian or African-American female, attractive,
(20) KID (WILLIAM HARRISON): African-American male, 14-15 (must be
a match to older version)
(21) GERRY: Caucasian male, 10-11, skinny, 'Bad News Bears' type
(must be a match to older version)
(22) ISAAC: African-American male, early teens (must look like
older Isaac
(23) ISAAC: ADULT / 30'S

If you are a professional or experienced actor who has proven
credentials please attend the OPEN CALL with a professional resume
and headshot. All attendees are not guaranteed to be selected for a
scheduled audition. Again, this OPEN CALL is only to determine your
qualifications for further consideration. If you are selected you
will be scheduled for an audition the week of May 5-9, 2014.

OPEN CALL will be held Sunday, May 4, 2014 from 12noon-4pm. The
location is 1776 Columbus Rd., Cleveland, Ohio 44113 (south of the
Sunoco gas station between the east and west bank of the Flats).
Please enter the orange door. Only those who arrive before 4pm will
be able to complete registration. Sign up list stops promptly at

4. Casting for "Fallen Plans", a new Web Series in Cleveland

A classic battle between good and evil. Based on the short film FALLEN PLANS, the fallen watchers have integrated into human society. Their plan to destroy man's DNA through women is underway, but will they succeed? Or will the righteous archangels in human form stop them?

When: Sat. May 24th and May 31st 2014 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm both days. Where: Twinsburg Library 10050 Ravenna Rd. Twinsburg, OH 44087 Rooms: #3 on May 24th and #4 on May 31st.

SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS:Please send video auditions to Sides will be provided *or* you can do a 1 minute monologue. Anything on the topic of angels, or a young woman in a troubled relationship if you are female. Extras will be cast also. *****Currently financial compensation isn’t available, but may become a possiblity as we continue to grow. Credit will be given.***** Please visit the website at: and on youtube under the sky merkabah channel.

MICHA'EL (Archangel)
Lead, Male, 25 - 40 yrs, 5'10" min
Leader of the righteous archangels who are in human form on earth.

Supporting, Male, 45 - 65 yrs, 5'9" min
Lead agent with a very dry personality. Semi-religious.

Supporting, Female, 30 - 40 yrs, 5'3" min
Donald Macon's partner. Not religious but very curious about anything/people/circumstances "outside the box."

Supporting, Female, 20 - 25 yrs, 5'3" - 5'7"
A waitress at a small diner who is engaged to be married. But one of the watchers has another plan for her.

Supporting, Female, 20 - 25 yrs, 5'3" - 5'8"
Young woman who gets involved in a relationship with a fallen watcher.

GABRI'EL (Archangel)
Supporting, Male, 25 - 40 yrs, 5'10" min
Right hand man of Michael. Laid back personality.

Supporting, Male, 18 - 21 yrs, 5'6" - 5'10"
Young man with a sense of adventure. Very curious. The character is into super heroes, comic books. Can be a liability.

Supporting, Female, 45 - 65 yrs, 5'3" min
A Jewish woman who lives happily by herself. She is gifted with wisdom and intuition. Gypsy-like. She has understanding and knowings about life and things of a spiritual nature.

RAPHA'EL (Archangel)
Supporting, Male, 25 - 40 yrs, 5'10" min
One of the four archangels to assist Michael in apprehending the fallen angelic watchers.

Supporting, Female, 20 - 25 yrs, 5'3" - 5'8"
A young woman who ends up in a mysterious predicament unknowingly brought on by a fallen watcher.

URI'EL (Archangel)
Supporting, Male, 25 - 40 yrs, 5'10" min
One of the archangels. A bit fiery. Ready to fight.

Day Player, Male, 20 - 35 yrs, 5'8" min
The fiance of Darla Perez.

Day Player, Female, 30 - 45 yrs, 5'3" - 5'8"
Supportive friend of Tamara Gardner.

Extra/Background, Male, 20 - 40 yrs, 5'10" min
Fallen watchers extras/background/nonspeaking roles. For confrontation scenes.

5. "Final Moments"

A Cincinnati based micro budget indie feature film revolving around a zombie apocalypse and a group of estranged friends.

THIS PROJECT IS: Unpaid. Negotiations will be accepted for performance based bonuses.
SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS: please email Kirk Novit @ or you may also call 513-365-3798

John Thompson
Lead, Male, 25 - 30 yrs
John, mid/late twenties, is our protagonist returning to his hometown after finishing his time in the Marines. Reconnecting with old friends and trying to rekindle old romances soon become the last things on his mind as the world is plunged into an pandemic that leaves victims of a fast spreading virus hungry for the flesh and blood of all those around them.

Josh Thompson
Lead, Male, 19 - 24 yrs
Josh, mid/early twenties, is the younger brother of John and the exact opposite of him. Raised like his brother by his grandmother at an early age after the death of his father overseas and the suicide of his mother as a result, Josh keeps to himself for the most part and isn't big on large crowds or being the center of attention. A stoner through and through Josh often brings a bit of comedic relief to otherwise serious situations and can be expected to always have witty comeback.

Lead, Female, 24 - 30 yrs
Sarah, mid twenties, is a beautiful girl left confused on what she wants after her first love (John) returns home from the Marines for good. Matters are made more complicated with her current relationship with one of Johns closest friends Tom.

Tom Johnson
Lead, Male, 25 - 30 yrs
Tom, mid/late twenties, is the best friend of John our protagonist. Tom is not a complicated person and can be expected to think of himself before others. He's a ladies man and is not shy of the spotlight. He is bit sensitive or temperamental and isn't unwilling to speak his mind at anytime.

6. YOU WILL GO DARKER is seeking extras for scenes on May 2nd (8am) & 3rd (4pm). Extras must be males between the ages of 22-50, in reasonable shape. Hand-to-hand combat experience is a plus.
If interested, please apply to

7. Auditions for "The Dormant Machine", a Jonathan Nininger Film

Saturday, May 10th
Columbus Film Commission
909 W. 5th Ave
Columbus OH 43210

Actors, send headshots, reels and resumes to

This short film will be shot in JUNE. We expect about 4-6 days of filming with actors.


Sandman - 50 to 70 - Caucasian, Tall, Thin, Frail, Almost no hair

Mom - 35 to 50 - Any ethnicity, Tired, Hard worker, Blue collar


Dad - 35 to 50 - Any ethnicity, Scruffy, Jerk attitude, Mean spirited

Young Jack - 8 to 10 - Young boy, 1 scene, brown messy hair


This film is non-union.


1. Casting: Must be able to travel to Knoxville Tennessee when
cast...Pay determined by role. Hotel is provided as well as gas...
Looking for African American/Hispanic clients that are female age 7
thru 9,
as well as any African American males age 18 or so? The children
definitely one of the most challenging roles to fill. Contact
Mandatory to be submitted:
Role of::
E mail
Phone Number
Stats (Age, Height, Weight, Color of hair)
Current photo's in jpg, headsshot , full body shot (Can be made
your phone if clear)
City/State you live in


1. 19th & Wilson is announcing a virtual casting call for their
film “Admins”. Here’s what you need to do:

Go to the Announcement on their website, check the Characters and
download the sides for you to act out.
Shoot the video of you acting out the sides. Acting ability is more
important than production quality. In other words, you can use
your phone to shoot it but pull off the scene best as you can (but
don’t shoot it in the dark either).
Send the video or link to or post it up on Youtube,
Vimeo, Facebook or wherever you prefer. (Password protect it if
you’d like, just remember to include it in the email).
Follow 19W on facebook and
twitter @19w to stay current on their efforts to promote the
casting call.
Optionally, if you want to share your video on Facebook or Twitter
be sure to tag @19w and use #AdminsCasting in your tweet/Status

Location: Tysons Corner, VA
Production Dates: July 18th Through July 27th
Pay: Yes
SAG: No – This is a NON-SAG production.

The virtual casting will last until May 23rd.

2. Bello Talent is casting Principals and Extras for a crime-drama
SAG short film called “City Of Lost Souls” directed by Jason

“City of Lost Souls” is a multi-layered story which follows
Assistant District Attorney Roger Kenfield’s quest for justice and
power, while ex-con Mikey Wallace returns home from prison and
attempts to stay out of trouble.

The Principals day-rate is $100 a day. The Extras day-rate will be
$20 a day. All Principals and Extras will be fed, receive copy of
the film and credit on IMDB.

The film shoot dates will be May 21-25. Most actors will only be
filming for one or two days.


ALBERT – Lazy and a Degenerate – Caucasian Male – Age Range (18 –
21) Principal
JANELLE – Stoic and Strict Wife – African American Female – Age
Range (20 – 30) Principal
JANELLE’ S BABY – Janelle’s infant child - African American – Age
Range (5 months to 15 months) Principal
JJ – Down and Out Stripper – Caucasian/Asian/Hispanic Female – Age
Range (30 – 40) Principal. *No Nudity
SEAN – JJ’s boyfriend and a snitch – Caucasian Male – Age Range (25
– 35) Principal
SLEAZY CLUB GUY – Any Ethnicity – Male – Age Range (30 – 45)
THUG ONE – Any Ethnicity – Male – (25 – 40) Principal
SHOP OWNER – Any Ethnicity – Male – Age Range (50 – 65) Principal

EXTRAS needed:

GRANDMOTHER – Comatose – Caucasian Female – Age Range (55 – 65)
RICK SIMMONS – Violent Defendant – Caucasian Male – Age Range (18 –
21) Extra
YOUNG PUNK – Any Ethnicity – Male – Age Range (18 – 21) Extra
THUG TWO - Any Ethnicity – Male – Age Range (25 – 40) Extra
5 JOURNALISTS (just taking pictures) – Male and Female – All
Ethnicities – Age Range (21- 35) Extra
CAB DRIVER – All Ethnicities – Male – Age Range (25 – 50) Extra
3 HOMELESS PEOPLE – All Ethnicities – Male and Female – Age Range
(25 – 45) Extra
15 SKETCHY CROWD MEMBERS – At Strip Club – All Ethnicities – Male –
Age Range (21 – 50) Extra
9 STRIPPERS – All Ethnicities – Female- Age Range (21 – 30) Extra.
*No Nudity
11 JURORS - All Ethnicities – Male and Female – Age Range (21 – 60)
15 COURTROOM SPECTATORS – All Ethnicities – Male and Female – Age
Range (21 – 60) Extra
3 GONZALES FAMILY MEMBERS – Hispanic Mother and Father – Age Range
(30 – 50) Hispanic Children (12 -25) Extra
2 COURTROOM GUARDS – All Ethnicities – Male – Age Range (25 – 50)
ANTHONY CANKERSON – Murderer on Trial – Caucasian Male - Age Range
(25 – 50) Extra
If you would like to audition for any of the Principal roles please
email your headshot and resume to and
also put on the subject line which character you would like to
audition for.

If you would like to be an Extra and cannot make the audition, you
may submit your headshot and resume to and also put on the subject line
which characters you would like to be consider for as an Extra.

Please no phone calls. Just email any questions, pictures, resume
or demo reels to

3. Seeking 3 actors for an upcoming episode of "A Haunting" on the Discovery Channel. Union and Non-Union actors welcome. All talent must be willing to be local hire to Suffolk, VA (no travel or lodging provided). Must have full availability for shoot dates. Shoot dates: May 5th-May 8th Synopsis: Jennifer and her fiance, Jaime, move into their new home with their 2 daughters. Upon realizing the place is haunted by a dangerous entity, the family calls in a psychic to bless the home. Unfortunately, the terrorizing does not stop and they have to flee their home.. All roles are PAID. No agency submission please. Please contact if interested for more information.

THIS PROJECT IS: Paid. Varies on role.
SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS: Self taping auditions are accepted. Please email for sides and self taping instructions.

Jaime. Supporting, Male. Jennifer's fiance, 40-50, Caucasian, Bald, Preferably with a goatee.

Toni. Supporting, Female. Psychic, 50-60, Caucasian female. Must have shoulder length-long white/gray hair.

Hal. Featured, Male. Ghost/Entity haunting the house, 40-50, Caucasian male, Bald


English (US)   New Shows - 1/29/14  -  Categories: The Reel TV Network  -  @ 01:53:55 am

Check out our new shows on The Reel TV Network!

The Reel Show
-Interviews with Travis Bowen and Matt Jefferson
-Short films "Final Notes", "Conscious" and "Water Boy"
-Teaser Trailer for "Between the Cracks"

Horror Hotel
-Grave of the Vampire

Indie Music Scene
-Music videos for "We Walk Alone", "The Axis" and "My Own Worst Enemy"
-Interview with Brittany Williams and Darvio "The Kingpin" Morrow of @The The Avenue Radio Show

The Dojo
-Interviews with Grand Masters Charles Brown and Gene Madry
-Various seminar clips from The International Circle of Masters
-In the Ring: Fake Attacks
-A Minute of Self Defense: Single Straight Grab

Indie Film School
Cinematography panel with Bruno Tatalovic, Ryan Atkins and Christian Taylor

Split Second

Renfro Valley All Access
We're taking you to the Renfro Valley RV Parks to talk to some guests and get their opinions on the parks. We'll also get ready for the Gene Watson show live in the Renfro Valley New Barn Theater by talking to some long time Gene Watson fans, and then an interview with the man himself, Mr. Gene Watson! Lastly we'll take you to the annual Harvest Festival and Antique Tractor Show at Renfro Valley.

OCA Image TV: Cleveland Culture Display II
All cultural performances with martial art, Instant Noodles performance, CAF performances (Chinese, Japanese, Indian, Hawaiian, Vietnamese, Filipino and other), Lion Dance, Dragon Dance


English (US)   Now on WOBZ-9 in Kentucky!  -  Categories: The Reel TV Network  -  @ 01:55:51 am

Starting January 25th, our show Horror Hotel will be airing on WOBZ-9 in Kentucky, Saturdays at 10pm.

The following week, February 1st, The Reel Show will start airing on WOBZ-9 immediately following Horror Hotel at 11:30pm.

If you are in the area, check it out!


English (US)    -  Categories: The Reel TV Network  -  @ 07:44:36 am

The Avenue Radio Show ( stopped by our studio for interviews on Indie Music Scene and plugged the network while they were at it. Check out their show, and be on the lookout for their interviews on episode 4 (THE Andre Cato and Doug Magill) and episode 5 (Brittany Williams and Darvio "The Kingpin" Morrow) of IMS!


English (US)   "Horror Hotel" Ends 2013 as Top Show on SWIG TV!  -  Categories: The Reel TV Network  -  @ 08:45:41 am

Congratulations to Director Mike Perzel of "Horror Hotel", hosted by Lamia (Kristina Michelle), for having the top show on SWIG TV in over 200 countries. Great job, Mike! Keep up the good work.

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