The Reel News: April 18th, 2012: Casting Calls


The Reel News: April 18th, 2012: Casting Calls

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1. Do you enjoy donning vintage clothing and mingling with

aristocratic guests at estates? Can you look ages 35-50? If you'd

like to waltz, mingle with the gentlemen and ladies, please send

your headshot to
Scenes shoot Sunday, May 6th in Waltham, MA. Please specify what

you're specifically suited to, or the background role you're

interested in. Small stipend available.

2. Seeking Union or Non-Union Actors for "Skinheads in Love"


Send headshots and resume with the role you are submitting for in the subject line of your email:

Lead Roles:

Roy: Male; Caucasian; Age 18-30; Athletic, muscular or toned body type; Must shave head; Must be ok with sex scenes; Must be ok with nudity

Simone: Female; Caucasian; Age 18-30; Athletic, muscular or toned body type; Must shave head; Must be ok with sex scenes; Must be ok with nudity

Naomi: Female; Caucasian or mixed race; Age 18-30; Athletic and toned to voluptuous figures; Must be ok with nudity; Must be ok with sex scenes; Must be ok dying hair

Principal Roles:

Mrs.Lipshitz: Simone's next door neighbor; Female; Caucasian; Age 70 - 85; Yiddish or eastern european accent

Simone's Mom: Female; Caucasian; Age 40-60; Preferably with a NYC accent.

Simone's Dad: Male; Caucasian; Age 40 - 60; Preferably with a NYC accent

Real Punks & Skinheads: Males and Females; Any race; Age 18-30


1. "Death of a Star" Casting Call for Feature Length Film
Auditions for Actors and Actresses

Casting actors for the full length feature film, “Death of a Star”. This is a low budget film that will be shot in Oakland county from May 15th to June 30th. Auditions will be scheduled in May. Talent will be contacted directly upon applying.

Death of a star reveals past secrets.

Pay is negotiable, deferred.

Available Roles:
Boss: (Studio Boss, middle aged, white, male) LEAD
Miller: Director ( middle aged, white, male)
Andre: Security Guard ( white, male)
Byron: (male)
Alia: Run away girl (Teen, white, Female) LEAD
Assistant Shanna: (Female)
Anatoli: Photographer (white , Male)
Ginger: Replacement Actress (Teen, white, female)
3 Agents: (Black, Male)
Jack: BTS Interviewer (white, Male)
Boris: Cameraman (Male)
Sasha: Sound boom operator
Rosie: Minor Actress (teen, white, female)
Jose: Father Agent (middle aged, white, male)
Jungle Man: Violent Actor (Black, male)
Maggie: Older Actress (white , Female)
Lorna White: White Only Actress (Teen, Female)
2 Police Officers: Lexington and Wesley; (Black, male)
Older Actor Long Shlong Silver: (Middle aged, white, Male)
Black Mambaman: New Actor Big Black (Black, male)
Chastity: New Actress (Teen, white, female)
Herzog: Private Investigator (Middle aged, white, Male) LEAD
Mad Joe: Body Disposer (Male)

How to Apply:
If you are interested in applying please email your headshot and resume to:

NOTE: Please include the role you are applying for in the subject line of your email.

2. Casting male actors for a comedy short film. Shooting is scheduled for mid/end of May in Metro Detroit. You will be working with an experienced Director, DP, and other crew. We are looking for actors with great comedic timing and experience.

Available Roles:
2 Father Figure Types: Male, must be middle aged.
1 Average Joe Type: (Lead Role) Male, must look 18-24 yrs old.
1 Eccentric/Strange Character: Male, must look 18-24 yrs old.
Pay will be discussed with each individual character role.

How to Apply:
If you are interested in applying, please email your resume and head shot to Jack at:

NOTE: Please include the role you are applying for in the subject line of your email.


1. Cast Needed for "Hatboxes"
Cast needed for the 17-minute short “Hatboxes,” a short about two woman- a lesbian secular Jewish lawyer, and a newly separated Orthodox milliner- who meet by chance and discover in each other a life not lived. The short will shoot June 22- 27, 2012.

We are looking for the following characters:
NADINE: late 30’s, female, Jewish, willowy, androgynous, laid back
MIRIAM: mid 30’s, female, conservative Jewish
LENA: late 30’s, female, any ethnicity, energetic, witty
AARON: mid to late 30’s, male, Jewish, burly and clean-shaven
HANNAH: 15, female, self-possessed, from conservative Jewish family
Also needed are a 6 year old girl and 5 year old boy to be part of a conservative Jewish family in the film. These are all paid roles.

If you’re interested in auditioning for this film, which may be SAG eligible, please send your headshot and resume to

2. Final casting for “Deacon’s Choice” will take place on Saturday, May 26th in Chicago. We are seeking African American females aged 25- 35, African American teen girls and boys aged 14- 21, Bi-Racial females aged 25- 35, Caucasian females aged 25- 35 and 60- 80, Caucasian males aged 25- 35, Caucasian teen girls and boys aged 14- 21 and Caucasian children aged 2- 10. All candidates must email a resume, headshot and full body shot for consideration, if available, to or Many principal roles will be given a stipend. Filming will take place the 3rd week in July- mid August, 2012.


1. We are shooting a commercial for a product called the myPutt on the 23rd, 24th, and 25th of April in Franklin, IN at the Legends Golf Course. We are looking for local actors who are golfers that would be interesting in being featured. There is a daily salary for each actor based on whether you do a putting demonstration, an on-camera testimonial, or both.
Featured players would be doing demonstration putts with the myPutt ( and then talking about how much it improved their game in front of the camera.
YOUNG PLAYERS - (ages 7-16)
FEMALE PLAYERS - (age 30-55)
MALE PLAYERS - (age 30-55)
Actors will be needed on the 23rd and 24th of April.

Please send a headshot and resume to along with a brief description of your golfing experience. If there are any questions, please email the casting address and we'll respond quickly. Thanks!


1. Role Players for a Military Training

Cultural training on Maxwell AFB in Montgomery Alabama.


I am currently looking for 8 men for a role-playing exercise to be held April 17-19 on Maxwell AFB in Montgomery, AL. Actor training will be held Tuesday, April 17 in the evening.

I will be interviewing the potential actors via Skype or iChat. Men who are submitting for this interview/audition must be able to pass a background check, as this training will be held on a military base.

MALES (Ages 30-60) – All ethnicities - Improv and acting skills are important but not required. I will determine your personality during our online interview.

RATE: The rate is $12 per hour. The training is scheduled at 4 hours on Tuesday night and the two days of actual work will be 10 hour days on Wednesday and Thursday. Food will be provided for all role-players.
*****Start time is 7am SHARP!


Please send a recent picture or head shot/ Resume/ and contact information to:

I will be calling the chosen applicants to set up a time for the Skype or iChat audition.


1. No Tickets Productions’ feature film Barefoot is shooting April 9, 2012 to May 15, 2012 in New Orleans. Please direct resumes to

2. Title Run Films’ feature film The Hail Mary will shoot June 18, 2012 to August 3, 2012 in Baton Rouge and surrounding areas. Please direct resumes to or fax resumes to 818.878.3911.


1. Casting for two experienced actors in a short to be filmed Sat. and Sun. May 5 and 6
Auditions Sat. April 28. Actors paid on per day basis.

The Film: Adaptation of Chekhov story involving a middle-class husband and wife
who believe they may have won the lottery, what happens when they imagine
themselves winning, and how ultimately it all leads to unhappiness.

John (45-55). Lead. Middle class, contented husband who is asked
by his wife to check the paper to see if she has a winning lottery
ticket. When he realizes they may have won, his attitude changes from
elated and happy to greedy and resentful.

Marilyn (45-55). Supporting. John’s wife, who is anxious to
learn whether the lottery ticket she has purchased is a winner.
But she must wait for John to check whether the last number
in the series matches. She comes to realize that John will
become greedy and grab all of her winnings.

If interested, please email bio and headshot to

2. Two actresses needed for indie film

Actress age 18-25
Actress age 30-35

Daily Stipend and film credit provided.

Please email for info.

3. Short Film Auditions: April 21st, 2012. 10am to 2pm. Location TBD.

Casting for a variety of supporting roles:
Comedic Men – Mid 20s to mid 40s.
Women – Mid to late 20s.

The Project:
A short collaborative film composed of 5 vignettes – each with it’s
own director. The story revolves around Patrick, a young man who
struggles to quit smoking while his own life gets in the way. Through
each vignette, Patrick faces obstacles brought on by work,
relationships, and prying neighbors.

Reply with resume and headshots to:


1. Male and female actors wanted for New Mexico State Police scenarios. If you are interested, please contact Agent Puga, (505) 827-9282.

2. Open Auditions Wednesday April 18, 2012 for Longmire Television Series!

Alma: Native American Woman, 65-75 years old

Darius: Native American gangster type, 17-19 years old

Junior: Native American gangster type, 16-19 years old

Pay: $855 per day

Location: Greer Garson Studios
Santa Fe University of Art & Design Campus
1600 Saint Michaels Dr.
Santa Fe, NM 87505

Time: 2:00-3:00pm

Audition materials will be available at 1pm on site.

3. A short film drama produced through NMFR.

Psyche – Female (18-28). Beauty comparable to Aphrodite – but must have a visible flaw – human, not a god. Naïve and vain. Curious about her husband Eros: What does he look like? What does he do? Who is his mother? She is madly in love and obedient to him at first. She suffers; she gains power over the divine, and liberates herself. Psyche needs and births a female child with Eros.

Aphrodite – Female (20-45). Italian with classical features. Flawless marble model like. A plotter behind whose smile lies an ill will. Despises the notion of becoming a mother-in-law, but acceptable if the child is male. Dotes on her son Eros, whose gold-tipped arrows can prick gods, too. Her smile melts even Zeus, but it never lasts for long. Loves mirrors; hates Psyche. Aphrodite tolerates mortals when she manipulates them. She needs power, worship, and never forgets.

Eros – Male (18-28). Supple, delightful body, moves as a dancer. A boy emotionally, first time in love, still tied to Mom, obedient to her. The cruel joker – aims his lead-tipped arrows at unlikely pairs to provoke the chaos of unrelenting passion. His gold-tipped arrows of compassion he reserves for a lucky few. Love’s a toy for him – until Psyche. Eros needs and discovers mature love.

Persephone – Female (30-45). Rules beauty and life that erupts in the spring and dies in winter. She is the Underworld co-conspirator of Aphrodite, but Persephone has some sympathy for Psyche – both are lost souls. Physically, she has polar features to Aphrodite and commands death as well as life.

Pan – Male (40-50). A musician, mischief maker, wry humor, comic. Earth god. Pile of decaying flesh/soil between this world and the Underworld. Understands that Psyche is sick with love and stuck between human and heaven – that she will become divine, give birth, and thwart Aphrodite.

Caroline (Female 30-50) & Coraline (Female 30-50). Psyche’s two older sisters. Vague of gender and age. Hard to tell them apart. Ugly in soul and envious of Psyche – shadow aspects of her.

Fate #1 Female (30-60), Fate #2 Female (30-60), Fate #3 Female (30-60)

To be considered, we’d ask any actors interested to submit a headshot and resume with contact details, subject line – Psyche Ascending either by post to:

Sandra DuCharme
Film Program Coordinator
Santa Fe Community College
6401 Richards Avenue, Room 551
Santa Fe, NM 87508
Or via email to:

Deadline for receipt of headshot and resume: Monday, May 7th.

Selected actors notified for casting call: Thursday, May 10th

Where: Casting Call to be held at
Santa Fe Community College
When: Saturday, May 12th


1. HEGIRA seeks cast

Storyline:Stranded in the middle of mountains, a mother and her daughter are force to set aside their differences to make their way out of the forest and back to civilization.


MOTHER (LEAD - 34 years old):A young Mother of 34. Having a child at 17, she was forced to grow up very young. Now that her daughter is 17 - she finds it hard to maintain a civil mother/daughter relationship. She escapes the day-to-day challenges with the help of a bottle of pills. Note: 2 scenes
call for this character to smoke a cigarette. (No Nudity)

GIRL (LEAD - 18 years old to play younger):A 17 year old girl. She loves and enjoys mutual respect for her Father but has a very strained relationship with her Mother. She maintains an air of strength and dignity as she and her Mother venture into the woods to seek help after their car is stalled on a
country road. Note: 3 scenes call for this character to smoke a cigarette. (No Nudity)

FATHER (35 years old):He is caught in the middle of a Mother/Daughter relationship that is need of
repair. He is a strong man and comfortable with his words, not silence and avoidance.

MAN (30 - 50):The man lives out in the rural fringe and is the only person who Mother and Girl encounter on their journey. He sees them as a threat and desperately detains them in a tucked away barn.

Shooting Location: Indiana, PA (1 hour outside of Pittsburgh)

Shoot Dates: Approx. August 1st– 12th

Auditions: July

Pay: No Pay, but Meals & Housing Provided

Interested persons should email a photo/resume and reel to

Sides will be available for you to record and submit (mail, online, etc.)


1. Casting Female lead for Before and After, Episode 2

Indie SAG Series. Fully paid, 3 days, min. $300/day. Copy, stills, full participation and collaboration, strong female lead role.

Role: Lt. Andie Grace Spencer, 24, Caucasion

In 1967, Lt. Andie Spencer returns home after a year and half witnessing the ambivalence of war with its never ending flow of horrifying casualties. By day a competent, compassionate nurse and officer, by night a tortured, self-imprisoned soul trying to find a way out through selfdestruction. A letter from a Marine she cared for on her first day of duty in Vietnam gives her hope.
Role Requires Nudity?
No. While there is no nudity, there is a possible 1960s period momentary underwear scene while changing from a uniform to OR scrubs.

Electronic Submissions Only
Headshot (Digital only)
Resume ( Word or PDF only)
Reel (Link only or physical media)

If you do not have a demo reel online, send a clip no longer than 30 seconds compressed. We cannot pre-screen you without a clip. If you want to send a CD or DVD, please send us an email for the physical address.

Please be sure your email program and spam blockers are not blocking our email address so that we can respond to you.

Electronic submissions preferred:

Submission deadline is April 20th.


1. Jaderlund Casting Call, Paid

Film Dates: May 5th -6th 2012
Auditions Dates: week of April 23
Filming Location: Northern VA / DC
Female- Mid to Late 30s ( Any Ethnicity)
Male – Early 20s (Any Ethnicity)
Male – Early 30s (Any Ethnicity)
Male – Early 20s (Any Ethnicity)
Male – Early 60s. (Any Ethnicity)

Email your headshots to: Subject -NOVA2
Please include in the body of the email: Name, Height, Weight, Phone numbers, Headshot (Industry Standard) (jpg format) taken within the last 8 months. [no snapshots], and Resume.
Put “NOVA” in the subject line.
No phone calls please.

2. Erica Arvold Casting is searching for a 14-18 year old female singer/actress AND a 10-14 year old male singer/actor to record and film a song that currently has over 100,000 hits on youtube.
Virtual auditions being considered now.
Live auditions will take place the week of April 30th

Shoot/recording Date: Sunday, May 6th
Location: Charlottesville, VA
Pay: $250 for LITTLE BROTHER, $350 for LITTLE SISTER plus a small stipend for gas costs if out of town, and a DVD of the project when complete.

This original song, written and performed by Kevin O’Donnell (will sing/play father part) requires 2 part harmony and 4 part harmony. The sections that the young singers will be asked to sing are noted in the rough recording that is garnering interest on youtube. Link is here:

Little Sister - 14-18 years old, Caucasian, can sing extremely well and embody the emotion and seriousness of the lyrics. This role will be filmed live recording two songs, and include a duet, no harmony, with Mr. O’Donnell.
Little Brother - 10-14 years old, Causasian, can sing extremely well and embody the emotion and seriousness of the lyrics. This role will be filmed live recording one song.
*This is an open call for all those age appropriate to video audition for this project. Those over eighteen may submit if they look age 14-18 years old.

If you are appropriate for this project and would like to submit a video audition, please follow these taping instructions:
Go to the youtube link at to listen to the song. Tape yourself (or your child) per these instructions:
Slate with a close up shot, state name, age and height, then do profiles
Pull back for a long shot if possible
Sing a portion of the song appropriate for the role (a cappella). Lyrics are below and also on the youtube link.

Please upload the video to either youtube (do NOT make it private, although it’s fine to be viewable only with a link) or vimeo (you may make this password required) and send the link to by April 29th.

Also include a headshot or picture which shows you or your child from the shoulders up, and copy and paste any appropriate resume, if any.

Include the following information with your submission:
Phone Number:
Guardian Name (if under 18):
Available for audition in Charlottesville the week of April 30th (Yes or No):
Available for recording in Charlottesville on Sunday, May 6th (Yes or No):

3. “Running in Place”
As she watches her parents’ marriage explode, a precocious ten year-old finds herself in a standoff with her father. Is this family big enough for both of them?

Vanessa Bradchulis is casting the short film “Running in Place” written and directed by Robin Pohlman in association with Grand Café Media. The film will be shot in Prince William Forest Park in Triangle, VA on May 12-13 and 19-20, 2012. Meals and hotel accommodation will be provided. All roles are PAID.


BILL DAWSON (40's) Bill is alternately tender and explosive. He loves his family deeply and needs their love and acceptance in return. He feels sure that he knows the right way to care for them, and any questioning of his methods is perceived as an attack on his character. Practicing a fundamentalist brand of Christianity soothes his personal insecurities.

JIMMY DAWSON (18-25) Jimmy is a low-functioning autistic mute. His obsessive compulsive tendencies compel him to tear apart shoes and clothes—a great source of stress to his parents. He is fascinated by symmetry, patterns, and colors and is very affectionate despite his handicaps, especially toward Abbie.

Auditions will be held Sunday, April 22 at American University (4400 Massachusetts Avenue, Washington DC).
Union and non-union actors may audition.

Please contact Vanessa Bradchulis at to request a time slot and receive sides. Please include headshot and resume and state in your email three time slot preferences, the role for which you are auditioning and any conflicts you have on the weekends mentioned above.

Thank you for your interest!


1. A paranormal thriller is set to be shot in NE Ohio this May and we are in need of one more actress to complete our cast.

We are seeking a Caucasion/Hispanic woman age 24-32. We need a sexy, flirty type to be our seductress. The role is non nude, but will call for lingerie.
Work is high pay, and should only call for half day of shooting.

E-mail headshots to


1. We are looking for 5 females(between 20-35) to do a testimonial interview for a product.
Interview will be held on the streets of NY and takes less than an hour.

Fully Paid / Non Union

Please contact with your headshot.

2. Seeking Actors for a high action crime drama. Filming will begin in march.


Male / Any age / Any ethnicity - Garbriel is an older member of a neighborhood watch team. He is a strong character with a tough build.

Female / 25-30 / Any ethnicity - Valentina works at an escort service answering phones.

Male / Any age / Any ethnicity - Alex is a young man that seeks help from a neighborhood watch program. He is athletic and would be able to do some light stunts.

Please submit resumes to


1. Emmy Award-winning Peacock Productions will be shooting an episode of the Discovery Channel Documentary Series Disappeared in the Vinita, OK area between April 23rd and May 1st. We are looking for actors to portray actual people in re-creation scenes of actual events.

Actors will need to be LOCAL and NON-UNION and available between April 23rd and May 1st (actual dates/times are still TBD). Prior experience IS NOT necessary. Depending on role, each actor will receive from $25 to $100. All actors will be able to work with a professional team and get exposure on a nationally and internationally syndicated cable series.


- GIRL 1 Female, Caucasian, 18 years old, 5’5”, 130 lbs, shoulder-length curly brown hair

-GIRL 2 Female, Caucasian, 18 years old, 5’7”, 145 lbs, shoulder-length straight dark blonde hair

-MOTHER 2 Female, Caucasian, 35-40 years old, 5’5”, long light brown hair, medium build

-FATHER 2 Male, Caucasian, 35-45 years old, 5’11”, medium build, short brown hair

-MOTHER 1 Female, Caucasian, 40 years old, 5’5”, brown shoulder length hair

-FATHER 1 Male, Caucasian, 45 years old, 5’11”, medium build, bald (w/ hair on sides)

-BROTHER Male, Caucasian, 18 years old, short brown hair

-REPORTER Male, Caucasian, 45-50 years old, average height, average build. Short, straight brown hair

-GRANDMOTHER Female, Caucasian, 65-70 years old, 5’4”, short straight silver hair

-BOYFRIEND Male, Caucasian, 18 years old, 5’10”, short brown hair, medium build

-CONVICT Male, Caucasian, 35-40 years old, long brown hair, medium/heavy build

If interested in applying for a role, please contact Josh @ with:
1. The role you would like to be considered for (please also put in subject line of email)
2. CURRENT headshot, body shot, and resume
3. your availability between the above dates


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