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2014 Screening Schedule

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Friday Night Aug. 15th 2014
Screening room A
“Filmmakers may be available for Q&A after their film screens”


6PM - 6:30PM

Short Foreign Drama,

Adam is a lonely and taciturn little boy. To make up for his loneliness, he finds refuge in his imagination and in contemplating the stars. But one day, a strange object fallen from the sky brakes this dreariness: a kaleidoscope.


Micro Film Block

-Not About Horses on Mars
-Guinea Pigs
-The Screenplay Consultant
-Till Death Do Us Part
-My Old Man's Pistol
-Pasaje no reembolsable
-The Zombie's Trip
-The Bumbling Psychopath
-Dragon's Throat
-The Cold... Hard... Truth!

7:20 - 7:45PM

48 Hour Film Project: Cleveland

The Top 3 Films from The 2014 48 Hour Film Project: Cleveland will be screened.

7:45 - 9:35PM

Feature Drama,
"Reflections of Maya Rose"

A number of strange but seemingly unrelated occurrences start to disrupt the life of young and eager, LA based actress Maya. Her world is finally turned upside down when one day she finds herself waking up in an unknown place, in a life that isn't hers. (*Mature)

9:35 - 9:55PM

Short Romantic-Drama,
"Champagne, Intimacy, Alan"

Alan and Carol, middle class, mid-40s, bored and terminally married, attend an upmarket swinger's party for the first time. At the party, held in a stunning county house, they meet Sonya, a statuesque Russian, and her intense, laconic husband Dan. Though twenty years their junior, Sonya and Dan are veterans of 'the lifestyle' and quickly take charge. As the couple's get to know one another, something happens to change previously eager Alan's view of the situation. Soon he finds himself questioning love, sex, marriage, life and everything. 

9:55 - 10:35PM Short Drama-Comedy,
"Mr. Stowlicker"
Mr. Stowlicker's life of pragmatic predictability begins to unravel with the unexplained arrival of simple plastic balls - an echo from his past - short circuiting his meticulously planned daily routine and forcing him to confront the event that caused his life to become stuck in a holding pattern.

10:35 -11:10PM

Short Foreign Animation,
"Das kalte herz"

A 'Faustian' tale in the Black Forest, the films tells the story of a young man who trades his warm heart for a cold stone in order to become rich. A magical story, which narrates his encounters with the good and evil spirits of the forest. Directed by Hannes Rall in his highly expressionistic style it also features the color-design by famous animation-designer Hans Bacher. English dubbed version available.

11:10PM -12:45AM

Feature Horror,
"Fear the Crooked Corpse"

Fear the Crooked Corpse relentlessly challenges the audiences' perception of reality in its telling of a dubious revenge tale.


 * 12 Midnight - Networking Party in hotel lounge

Saturday Aug. 16th 2014

Film Screenings (see schedule below)
Convention (11 AM - 9 PM)
Lectures (
see schedule)
Fight scene competition -
10 AM (Screening room A)
Acting competition - 10 AM (Screening room B)
Special Effects Competition - Sci-Fi

Screening room A Saturday
“Filmmakers may be available for Q&A after their film screens”



Feature Documentary - Foreign,
"Cromosoma Cinco"

This story begins with Andrea being born. She is premature, beautiful and different. Her parents start a search that lasts more than a year, trying to get a response and a diagnosis. Lisa Pram, her mother, writes the Little Black Book, a very personal book with texts, drawings and photographs. Chromosome 5 is based on this intimate diary. This is a story of loss and encounter. Andrea is later diagnosed with a rare syndrome called 5p or Cri du Chat. She has lost a small part of her Chromosome 5 and Lisa finds a new way of seeing and accepting light and life.


Short Foreign Drama,
"Butterfly Dreams"

A nine-year-old girl in rural India, exploited by child labor, must find a way to pursue her dream - how to read and write. She has one last chance when an educated man comes to town.



Feature Romantic-Drama,
"The Maid"

An emotionally troubled teenager gets into a passionate relationship with the older French woman working in his father's house.



-Project Heaven
-The Plague Doctor
-In the Dark
-Seven Things to Do Before You Die


Short Foreign Drama,
"A Day"

A grandmother travels through 90 years of her lifetime in one day. She meets a series of herself in the past and finally runs into the moment when she met her husband for the first time.


Short Suspense-Thriller,

A mysterious private eye is hired by an arrogant advertising executive to investigate whether his partner is stealing from their ad agency, triggering to fiendish consequences.


Feature Romantic-Comedy,

A college student inherits a billboard sign business and inadvertently advertises her dating status while trying to sell ad space.


Short Documentary,
"Prisons for Profit"

Lake Erie Correctional Institution, in Conneaut, Ohio, was the first state-owned prison in the US to be sold to a private company, Corrections Corporation of America. Its rapid decline in to violence and drug problems brings into question the nature of for-profit correction and rehabilitation in America.



Short Drama,

Eric and Samantha Millar find themselves having to come to terms with the loss of their daughter. Since her passing, they have begun to slowly drift apart from each other, both dealing with the loss in their own way... Eric for the better, Samantha for the worst. Then one day, Samantha receives a message... one that changes everything.


Feature Comedy,
"Bordering on Bad Behavior"

Three soldiers from different countries find themselves trapped in a military base in the Middle East.



-The Return of the Voodoo Sheiks
-I Can't Give Up On You
-Tulipomania: Hold On
-Divine Tragedy
-Satellite: A Transgender Story
-Gold Clip
-The Only One
-Cami del Far


Short Suspense-Thriller,
"I Owe You"

Father-to-be Cam owes his perfect life to his estranged friend Todd. But when Todd shows up one night with a body in his trunk and calls in the debt, Cam must choose between an awful trip into darkness and having his own terrible secret revealed.


Short Comedy,

Nobody at the wedding likes Jackson. So he probably shouldn't drink too much...


Feature Crime-Drama,

Four Independent filmmakers venture to a small country town for a film festival and a promising meeting with a movie executive when they are tossed in jail for a heinous crime, but no one remembers the events from that night.


Feature Documentary,
"House of Oddities: The Story of the Atrocity Exhibit"

A documentary that details the behind the scenes madness that goes into creating The Atrocity Exhibition; an annual celebration of the macabre held in Pittsburgh, PA now in its 5th year.


Screening room B Saturday
“Filmmakers may be available for Q&A after their film screens” 



Feature Documentary,
"Chew on This: Dangers of the American Diet Exposed"
The Standard American Diet plays a major role in the current epidemics of obesity, cardiovascular disease , diabetes and cancer. Just as the nation's health crisis reaches disastrous proportions, it is quickly becoming clear that the harmful consequences of our food choices extend far beyond chronic disease.

12:00-12:10PM Short Horror-Comedy,
"There Will Be Blocks"
There's a new guy in the office and Jennifer has taken a liking to him. At the same time, people are mysteriously disappearing.

12:10-12:35PM Short Foreign Horror,
"The Only Man"
The story chronicles the last days of a man, victim of an epidemic that has turned mankind into degenerate beings void of consciousness; trying to keep his sanity he fights alone against the disease. Though strong in his will to overcome it, he will fall victim before he is aware of it.

12:35-12:45PM Short Documentary,
"Overpass Light Brigade"
'Overpass Light Brigade' tells the story behind Wisconsin's Holders of the Lights using innovative time-lapse photography and interviews with founding members and other activists. The film showcases OLB's simple, beautiful approach to performance art and action that beckons any who want to creatively join public discourse and voice concerns an elitist political system clamors to quiet.

12:45-1:05PM TV Pilot,
"Going Up?"
"Going Up?" is a comedic series about things that happen in elevators! Come join us on this hysterical ride with our fantastic cast and puppet Rodney to witness those awkward, funny and embarrassing moments!

1:05-2:30PM Feature Drama,
"Suck It Up Buttercup"
Drug addiction's collateral damage is starkly revealed when a former honor student, newly addicted to prescription pills, triggers a chain of events that devastates her friends and threatens to tear her family apart.

2:30-2:50PM Short Romantic-Drama,
An honest genuine writer discovers the painful truth of a handsome and charming, yet manipulative and toxic love interest.

2:50-3:10PM Short Horror-Comedy,
A quiet night at the library turns deadly when a librarian accidentally unleashes demonic forces from a strange book.

3:10-3:55PM TV Pilot,
"3rd Floor West"
When the potential military use of a popular drug catches the eye of a powerful group of patriots, a beautiful young CEO must fight to hold on to her company, her sanity and even her life.

3:55-5:40PM Feature Drama,
From living a normal life to surviving homelessness in the city of Miami, Peter is a victim of the turbulent US recession during late 2000's. A drama based on true events.

5:40-6:05PM Short Drama,
"Dandelion Dreams"

The life of a young ad man unravels and is changed forever when he is forced to team up on his top account. What ensues is an unlikely friendship and journey to self-discovery.

6:05-6:30PM Web Episode,
"Day Zero: Requiem"
During the 22nd Century, science and technology had advanced beyond ethical bounds, so most of mankind reversed course. Eventually, global dictatorships violated the United Nation's Bioethics Treaty, secretly stockpiling arms. As a result, an oblivious America was attacked. Retaliation with augmented nuclear weaponry had unforeseen effects, affecting most survivors in the Western Hemisphere and altering the rest.

6:30-6:45PM Short Comedy,
"Audition: Impossible!"
Mike wants to impress Uncle Louie with the next big thing, but he comes up with the most unlikely of ideas: a successful TV variety show. Now, he has to sift through Cleveland talent to find the next big star.


6:45-6:55PM Short Crime-Drama,
A man with dissociative identity disorder is locked up for a crime he thinks he did not commit.  
6:55-8:30PM Feature Drama-Comedy,
"Look in the Mirror"
A distracted middle-aged lawyer unwittingly becomes involved in a series of murders after he goes on a 'business trip' with a pretty, gold-digging paralegal from his firm.
8:30-8:40PM Web Episode,
First series webisode where The Doctor must try to stop a dimension takeover.
8:40-8:55PM Short Foreign Comedy,
"Y al Tercer Dia"
Nena and Porota haven't see their friend Chiquita for three days. While waiting for her return to pray to St. Expedite, Porota's dog appears, bringing Chiquista's beloved pet in its mouth, dead and dirty.
8:55-10:30PM Feature Sci-Fi,
"They Came from the Ether"
John Henry, a down on his luck salesman, is given a chance at success by an alien visitor, trading technology for help in human experimentation. Blinded by his ambition, the salesman open a doorway in which the alien can develop the means to control the human race. It's left to Detective Mike Washburn, who is investigating the missing persons reports, to get to the bottom of the disappearances.
10:30-10:45PM Short Horror,
"To Save One's Self"
The comforts of home are sacred, sweet and beloved. Mark had all of that... a beautiful wife, an angelic daughter, a purpose. His role was simple: To provide and protect. There was just one problem. Mark never learned how to stand up for himself. He lacked self-confidence and avoided confrontation for his entire life. For the most part, his fears went unnoticed and he was able to cloak his nervousness, until the day that everything around him changed. Mark finds himself in the middle of a very dark and terrifying predicament and is left with only one choice. He can stand up and fight, or lay down and die.  
10:45PM-1AM Feature Horror-Comedy,
"The Demon's Odyssey"
When a Shape-Shifting God is exiled to Earth to live out his life as a Demon, he discovers an unborn half-human, half-vampire baby that he thinks could be his ticket back to Godhood. The vampire Alucard, his human bride Brigit and their friends hire a Monster Hunter named Van Keizer to stop the Demon.


Screening room C Saturday
“Filmmakers may be available for Q&A after their film screens”



Feature Drama-Comedy,
"Goin' Guerrilla"
All Jeff wanted to do was make his own movie. He didn't realize he just declared war on the whole industry. Now he must take his script, his rag-tag group of filmmakers, and all the gear they can scrounge up and go guerrilla.


Web Episode,
A series of absurd stories about a group of Chinese international students who came to Australia. The dreams we chase, do they also exist on the other side of the ocean? The gentle and heart-warming moonlight, can we still find it? Moving or confusing, funny or sad... The most realistic, influential and topical story about studying overseas is now staged!


Short Horror-Comedy,
"Zombie Casserole"

The zombie apocalypse came and went. It was a nonevent. Now the undead are having a hard time trying to fit into society. Wally is an anti-zombie bigot who doesn't think they deserve anything but a swift burial. He's forced to face the object of his hatred head on when he gets an unwelcome surprise while hosting a family dinner.


Short Foreign Suspense-Thriller,
"Lucky Day"

Jihun spends every night drinking. One day, Jihun goes to a motel with his girlfriend Gyeongmi, but fails at having sex with her. He leaves Gyeongmi to go to a bar where his friends are gathered, but the night's events will leave him forever changed.


Short Suspense-Thriller,
"They Came"

Clinical psychologist Reginald King has lost his wife and son to an unspeakable evil, and he knows that when the darkness comes again, he'll be next.


Short Suspense-Thriller,
"The Audition"

A serial killer is on the loose in Norfolk, VA. When it becomes personal, two women take matters in to their own hands.


Feature Comedy,
"Cash Patients Only"

The comic adventures of a reporter, doctor, pharmacist and druggies in the decade long Pain Clinic craze in south Florida, when Oxycodone was a legal street drug.


Short Suspense-Thriller,
"Last Respects"




Short Suspense-Thriller,
"The Silence in Between"

A man seeks answers as the life he thought he knew is deconstructed.


Feature Romantic-Comedy,
"3 References"

Nick was always kind of a dirt-bag with women. Then he falls in love with Michelle. But before he can have a chance with her, he must get her three letters of recommendation and face the full fury of his chauvinistic past.


Feature Documentary,
"Music City USA"

Nashville is an area rich in culture, inspiration and pride. Resilience unlike many have seen, yet it is known primarily for its music. Did the people inspire the area, did the music inspire the people, or did this special place on the globe inspire them both?


Short Drama,

Themes of neglect, regret and betrayal of lust -- drive the story between two brothers whom both work in the Elevator's Union. The International Union Of Elevator Constructors is the highest paying in the world. The IUEC also ranks as one of the highest in fatality rates. This stark drama explores the relationships directly related to a series of tragic events within the Elevator's Union.



7:50-9:20PM Feature Documentary,
"The Silent Epidemic: The Untold Story of Vaccines"
A factual science based review and evaluation of vaccines and their impact on our health. Experts detail how fraught the widespread use of vaccines is for our current and future generations.
9:20-9:40PM Short Drama-Comedy,
"Stranded Eyeland"
When a woman finds herself stranded on an island, her memories bring her comfort and clarity.
9:40-9:50PM Short Horror-Comedy,
Tiffany wouldn't mind her job, if it weren't for that creepy Crabtree guy always hitting on her. When Crabtree asks her if she wants to carpool, Tiffany takes him up on the offer. Too bad for him it isn't exactly what he had in mind.  
9:50-10:05PM Short Drama,
"Falling Inside Out"
Broken down by life's pitfalls, we join Jameson through his struggle of multiple mental dysfunctions as they torment his reality in the shadow of his past. ...Before we can stand, we must fall.
10:05-10:40PM Short Suspense-Thriller,
"Alice Agonistes"
When a stranger enters Alice's house, she cannot imagine how his story could change her (and his) life forever. Memory, fear and horrific self-discovery take everyone by the throat.
10:40PM-12:10AM Feature Suspense-Thriller,
When uninvited guests show up at a babyshower, the party turns into an ordeal for the four women held captive at gunpoint. As tensions arise, blood is spilt, and for Lucy, Sam, Beth, and Melanie, there will be choices to make which can change lives. And end them.


*Midnight, Networking Party in hotel lounge

Sunday Aug. 17th 2014

Sunday Film Screenings - see schedule below
Convention (11 AM - 6 PM)
Lectures (
see schedule)
* Acting Finals - 10 AM (Screening room B)
* Fight Scene Finals - 10 AM (Screening room A)
Special Effects Competition - Horror

Indie Gathering Award Presentations (Screening Room A Sun 5 PM)

Screening room A Sunday
“Filmmakers may be available for Q&A after their film screens”



Feature Foreign Drama,

GOLEM (Butterfly) is the story of two drifting souls, Johnny and May, both of whom live on the fringes of society. Alienated and almost numb to the pain of their lives, both wander aimlessly through the urban landscape of Tel Aviv, at times seeking escape through fantasy, violence and drugs. When their journeys intersect, the threads of their narratives begin to intertwine and an emotional sheath forms around them enabling their transformation. Tenderness is somehow born from the shards, and we witness the birth of something fragile and beautiful.  


Short Drama-Comedy,
"Out Smart"

In this short satire, a teenage boy seeks acceptance from his parents when he 'comes out' -- not as gay, but as smart.


Short Sci-Fi,
"Among the Innocent"

A little girl is confronted with total annihilation by a world beyond her understanding.


Feature Drama-Comedy,
"The One Who Loves You"

Gloria returns to her bleak home town after failing as a singer in New York. She falls for a grifter who claims to be the former manager of a famous singer. Her passion for singing is reborn, but she is pushed into uncharted territory.


Short Romantic-Drama,

Golly Gee! The year is 1956, and a shy, small-town cheerleader is bullied into giving 'favors' to some of the football players. When her best friend ditches her for the popular head cheerleader, she forms an unlikely friendship with her crush: the handsome (and secretly poetic) quarterback. Will he be the one to stand up to the other jocks for her?


Feature Romantic-Comedy,
"The Backseat"

A feature length coming of age story about high school love, punk rock, and hemorrhoids.


Screening room B Sunday
“Filmmakers may be available for Q&A after their film screens"


Feature Documentary,
"By and By: New Orleans Gospel at the Crossroads"


By and By' tells the story of a fading tradition, a torn community, and a family bound to keep them both alive. At the center of the film is a powerful New Orleans gospel quartet, the Electrifying Crown Seekers, a group USA Today calls 'the essence of Jazz Fest ... more explosive than any rock headliner.'


Short Foreign Drama,
"Rab da Vaasta"


Must you kill in order to live? When a non typical customer walks in and demands a shave, a small time barber with a traumatic past deliberates and faces an epiphany of sorts.


Short Documentary,
"Tower Symphony"


Tower Symphony is a brief tour of Cleveland's Terminal Tower, from outside to inside, bottom to top. This documentary was created in the spirit of the city symphony films produced in the late 1920s, which is, coincidentally, when the Terminal Tower first opened its doors to tenants. Like its prototypes, Tower Symphony emphasizes patterns and movement of familiar and unusual perspectives set to musical accompaniment.  


Short Foreign Romantic-Drama,
"On the Road"

As Jay Chou's 2014 global concert draws close, 'On the Road' takes you on a musical journey as Maggie and Ben travel together on an unforgettable road trip in the wine country of Hunter Valley, as they encounter and rediscover love through the melodies of some of Jay Chou's most classic songs and the breathtaking scenery of what Australia has to offer.  


Short Romantic-Comedy,
"Lock & Key"

A pleasant night goes awry when Jordan confronts Lindsey about a colorful event from her past.


Short Documentary,
"Dog Down"

Together, through this unlikely journey to freedom, dog and man discover what they could not find alone: healing from their past, purpose in the present, freedom for their future.  


Feature Drama,

Lisa, a talented, pregnant, teenage songwriter, falls in love and marries Tece, a Rock singer, and a life of personal, social, and professional turmoil unfolds.


Short Crime-Drama,
"Sure Thing"

There are winners and losers in this life and John has always fallen on one side of that line. He's up to his neck in gambling debts and has one day to pay back the money he owes or else.


Feature Foreign Horror,
"Die Gstettensaga: The Rise of Echsenfriedl"

A long time ago, the so-called 'Google Wars' engulfed the whole world in a deadly chain reaction. Civilization came to a grinding halt. But there is still hope. This is the story of a new beginning...


Screening room C Sunday
“Filmmakers may be available for Q&A after their film screens”


Feature Comedy,
"Last Spring Break"

A midlife crisis compels former frat brothers to reunite at Spring Break to film footage for their hastily conceived smart phone game, Bikini Girls Behaving Badly.  


Short Horror-Comedy,
"He Knows"

Mommy and Daddy assure Timmy that Santa Claus knows who's been bad and good. Timmy resolves to prevent Santa from leaving a lump of coal to ruin his parents' image of him as their little angel.  
12:40-1:05PM Short Suspense-Thriller,
"Two Many"
When Skip sees an identical twin in the street, his life changes forever. Soon his alter-ego starts to appear at his house, his office, his hang-out. His girlfriend and sister begin to think the twin is Skip, as he become less and less relevant to his own life. When the twin invades Skip's final hideout, a confrontation erupts to deal with one too many. Two Many. Beware the face in the crowd.


Short Drama,

A girl haunted by her past failed attempt to stop foster care abuse tries again with even worse results.


Feature Horror-Comedy,
"The Cabining"

Todd and Bruce, a hapless horror screenwriting duo, head to a remote artists' retreat seeking inspiration. Instead, they find death and deception, as, one by one, the other artists get knocked off, each in a more gruesome way than the last. The morbid atmosphere proves perfect for Todd's writing, but will he live to finish the script?


Short Foreign Drama-Comedy,

An erotic gift begins the war of a classic couple.  


Short Suspense-Thriller,
"Tick Tock"
The new movie by LegacyVerse Productions explores one man's journey into utter insanity, as he awakens over and over to dark visions of terrible things he might or might not have done.


Feature Foreign Drama,

Based on the Russian classic novel. While maintaining all the main plot-lines of the novel, it follows the events not as they happen but as they are reflected in the mind of the dying hero.


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