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Best Feature Film:
The Muse

Best Short Film:
I Still Adore You

Best Feature Script:
The Legend of Spring Heeled Jack

Best Short Script:
Haven't We Met Before

Best OHIO Film:
Lady of the Dead

Viewer’s Choice Award:
Surviving Family


Best Actor:
Isaac Simons, Addison in "The Muse"

Best Actress:
Sarah Wilson, Terry in "Surviving Family"

Best Supporting Actor:
Conrad Gonzalez, Greg in "Turkey Day”

Best Supporting Actress:
Alynn Rachel, Hailie in "Dead Dad”

Best Director:
Rufus Chaffee, "The Muse”

Best Cinematography:
Ryan Jenq, “Cody Fitz”


Best Ohio Actor:
Miguel Nunez, Gustavo in "Lady of the Dead"

Best Ohio Actress:
Elize Ramos, Lucinda in "Lady of the Dead"

Best Ohio Supporting Actor:
Jason Austin, Charlie in "Hostile Denial"

Best Ohio Supporting Actress:
Quiana Wiley, Taylor in "The Buyout"

Best Ohio Director:
Caitlin Noah, "Lady of the Dead"

Best Ohio Cinematography:
Damian Trusso, "The Twitch"

Film Scoring
Top Twelve:
1. Ramin Bidar (Dubai)
2. Andy Mastroddi (London)
3. Mario Maitland (Alabama)
4. Mat Sibley (UK)
5. Dana Solomon (Pennsylvania)
6. Edward Eicker (Illinois)
7. Sean Spruiells (Texas)
8. Michael Klubertanz (Germany)
9. Calin McCarthy (Ohio)
10. Alison Dukes (UK)
11. Mitch Reed (Ohio)
12. Avi Lasser (Pennsylvania)

Honorable Mentions:
Ashley Johnson (Georgia)
Katrina Zemrak (Maine)
Larry Woolever (California)
Daniel Beijbom (Sweden)
Chantelle Hunte (London)
Peter Tucker (Australia)
Anibal Alonso (Puerto Rico)
Sean Sumwalt (Indiana)
Mai (Japan)
John Fanta (Colorado)
Alexander John McMillan (Pennsylvania)
Marcello Favoino (Italy)




Short Comedy
1. Poli-Ticks
2. D. W. AOR... Action on Request
3. Waiting for Reneau
4. Dave & Greg
Honorable Mentions:
Sacrifice the Virgin
Pippi Longstocking: Return to the Island

Short Drama Comedy
1. The Next Ten Minutes
2. Playing Through

Short Family
1. My Son's a Pirate
2. Becca's Deception

Short Fantasy
1. St. George and the Dragon

Short Drama
1. The Callback
2. Mourning in China
3. This Modern Man is Beat

Short Sci-Fi
1. Transhumans

Short Horror
1. Driving Nowhere
2. Bump

Short Suspense-Thriller
1. Haven't We Met Before?

TV Pilot
1. Uniformed Grace
2. Rise of Kings

Web Episode
1. Tourist Tales

Feature Sci-Fi
1. Schedule I
2. A Little Favor

Feature Romantic-Comedy
1. Commander in Love
2. Available
3. Getting the Business
4. Sadie Hawkins
Honorable Mentions:
True Love Needs... Help!
Dead Enders

Feature Action
1. The Legend of Spring-Heeled Jack
2. Find Ray Tarkovsky

Feature Drama
1. Broken and Entered
2. Some Stars Fall
3. Tis the Season
4. Wild Eyes
Honorable Mentions:
Fridden Hills
Letters from Wolfie
Broken Bits
A Way You'll Never Be
The Beauty of Fire

Feature Family
1. Vicki in Viewland

Feature Horror
1. Asomnia

Feature Suspense-Thriller
1. Someone is Here
2. One Body Closer
3. Hearing Voices
4. Condition of Return

Feature Drama-Comedy
1. Gymful Remembrances
2. First Semester
3. The Age of Aquarius

Feature Comedy
1. Wham, Bam, Merci, Ma'am
2. Loveband
3. Chronic Man

Feature Horror-Comedy
1. Haunt
2. Where There's Smoke... There's Monsters!

Feature Western
1. The Aces and Eights
2. Salt of the Earth

Feature Fantasy
1. Nighting Tale
2. Twins of Fate

Feature Drama-Crime
1. The Last Irish Scam
2. The Impostures
3. Psalm

Feature - Other
1. Finding Santa
2. The Impresario
3. Unreality

4. The Fat, Bald and Ignorantz


Experimental - Short
1. Brainf***
2. A Day in the Life
3. Uturns

Silent - Short
1. Spaghetti Fur Zwei
2. 20th Century Man
3. Independent Business
4. Dust Bunnies

Family - Short
1. A Silent Truth
2. Flight to India

Suspense-Thriller - Short
1. Shift
2. You Will Rest In Peace
3. Feast of the Foolish
4. 9:03
Honorable Mentions:
Forbidden Room

The Handyman

Sci-Fi - Short
1. Charybdis Point
2. Seven Lanterns
3. Breed
4. Colony 639

Student - Short
1. Shifty Planet of Dr. Strange
2. Guilt

Romantic-Drama - Short
1. I Still Adore You
2. Lady of the Dead
3. Baggage
4. The Husband Chair

Drama - Short
1. Lifeless
2. Pill Bottle Angels
3. The Drought
4. Closer Than They Appear
Honorable Mentions:
Previous Tenants
To Beauty
White Flag
Perfect Man

Crime-Drama - Short
1. Shadowpuppet
2. Raw Edge


Drama-Comedy - Short
1. Freak
2. Santa Boy
3. About A Week
4. How to Say I Love You with Video
Honorable Mentions:
Small Town Fireworks
A Thin Camel

Romantic-Comedy - Short
1. Miracles on Honey Bee Hill
2. 5 Minute Romance
3. Chemistry
4. Under the Moon of Love
Honorable Mention:
For A Moment

Comedy - Short
1. Electro-Cute!
2. Interpersonal Exopolitics
3. Women of the Day

Horror-Comedy - Short
1. Vamp X
2. 109
3. Gitchy
4. I Am Alive
Honorable Mention:
Everyone Wants Her Dead

Horror - Short
1. The Farm
2. The Urge
3. First Impressions
4. Dark Passages
Honorable Mentions:
A Place in the Woods Without Limits
John the Salesman

Martial Arts - Short

1. Ground and Pound

Animation - Short
1. Ella
2. We, The Masses

Documentary - Short
1. Vessel For My Heart
2. Canary in the Mine
3. Resolution: A Portrait of Amelia Earheart
4. A Journey with Purpose
Honorable Mentions:
Girl of the Finger Lakes
Rules of the Game

TV Pilot
1. Eyes and Ears on English
2. It's a Tasha Thing


Web Episode
1. Mop and the Lucky Files
2. Melissa
3. Day Zero

Foreign - Fantasy - Short
1. The Wolf and the Ewe

Foreign - Drama - Short
1. La Mirada Perdida
2. Het Violette Uur
3. Dream Cradle
4. El Hijo Del Mar

Foreign - TV Pilot
1. Forced Landing
2. What?

Foreign - Drama-Comedy - Short
1. El despegue del trimotor

Foreign - Horror - Short
1. Historia Muerta

Foreign - Suspense-Thriller - Short
1. The Hole
2. 1:30am

Foreign - Comedy - Short
1. Aunque Todo Vaya Mal

Foreign - Action - Short
1. Metamorphoses

Horror-Comedy - Feature
1. She Devils A Go-Go

Horror - Feature
1. Naked Horror
2. Psycho Killer Bloodbath
3. The Four
4. Blood of Ohma
Honorable Mentions:
Purple Haze
Fetish Dolls Die Laughing

Romantic-Drama - Feature
1. Friends and Lovers
2. Bloom

Crime-Drama - Feature
1. Villainy for the Lonely
2. Stealing Elvis

Drama - Feature
1. Cody Fitz
2. Surviving Family
3. The Custom Mary
4. Greencastle
Honorable Mentions:
Monday Morning
Somewhere West
Brooklyn Nights

Drama-Comedy - Feature
1. Dead Dad
2. Apocalypse Theory
3. Insignificant Celluloid

Comedy - Feature
1. Trailer Park Jesus
2. Dirt Cheap Therapy
3. Office Ninja
4. Kitchen Catastrophes
Honorable Mention:
Underbelly Blues

Romantic Comedy - Feature
1. Turkey Day

Documentary - Feature
1. Roadmap to Apartheid
2. This Space Available
3. The Hidden Hand
4. As Goes Janesville

Family - Feature
1. Dreams Awake

Suspense-Thriller Feature
1. The Muse
2. Quite a Conundrum
3. The Buyout
4. Hostile Denial
Honorable Mention:
It's Complicated

Martial Arts - Feature
1. Sanctioned to Die

Experimental - Feature
1. If I Had Wings to Fly
2. Glass

Foreign Drama - Feature
1. Meherjaan

Music Video - Rock
1. Bullet Train
2. You Told A Lie

Music Video - Hip Hop
1. When I'm Back

Music Video - Rap
1. Brayal: Bob Ya Head
2. Ruka na hii
3. Ghetto Soldier

Music Video - Indie
1. House
2. Silicone Poplars
3. Tulipomania: Rumble Thud

Music Video - Other
1. Like A Vulture
2. So Pomo
3. Attack of the Killer UFOs

Music Video - Jazz
1. The Magic Rabbit 2

Music Video - Alternative
1. We Can Take Em On

1. Immanuel
2. Affairs Across America
3. Anima
4. Omega Squad: Resolute
Honorable Mentions:
Before Tomorrow
Sex, Blood and Fairy Tales
Falafel: Revolution

Suspense-Thriller - Micro
1. The Twitch
2. Another Day Another Life

Foreign - Micro
1. Fabrica de Munecas
2. King of Life

Comedy - Micro
1. The Line
2. The Appointment
3. Remember Me?!
4. 3 Tasks for the Telekinetic
Honorable Mention:
My Apologies

Drama - Micro
1. Lost in China
2. Hiding from the Rain
3. Mowing Through Misery

Experimental - Micro
1. Tuesday
2. Blood Film
3. Rickets

Horror - Micro
1. Just Like You

Action - Micro
1. Powdered Donuts

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