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Jim Norman
This is a truly terrific festival for screenwriters. Too many festivals seemingly treat screenplays as an afterthought, but not this one. *****

Robert David Duncan
The Indie Gathering is a really wonderful experience! I met tons of great people, saw lots of cool films, and came away energized and feeling like I had found a whole new filmmaking family. Kudos to organizers Kristina and Ray for creating such a warm, welcoming and networking-friendly event! If you do get selected to this festival, I strongly recommend you attend in person! *****

Elvis Wilson
Thanks to all the staff and volunteers at The Indie Gathering! I had a great time and met some amazing artists during my visit! We were honored to be a small part of this ambitious and growing festival! *****

Once again I had a great time at the Indie Gathering. Great place to network and meet your future team of filmmakers. Looking forward to next time. *****

Michael Thomas Cain
This was my first experience with Indie Gathering, and everyone associated with the festival is so caring and giving. I had such a wonderful experience, and it's definitely a festival worth attending. Such a great experience with the screening of our film, panels and lectures, and awards ceremony. Hope to be back in the future. *****

Gergo Elekes
Great festival, valuable. Thanks for including our film. *****

Eileen Hong
It was my second time to The Indie Gatherng International Film Festival. My husband and I enjoyed the films and the lectures there. It is a nice place for like-minded people from different backgrounds, races, ethnic groups, and of all ages to get together. *****

Eric Ayala
The Indie Gathering was a wonderful experience. I'm glad I connected with this event. I'm already looking forward to attending again next year! *****

Cesar Cruz
Amazing festival designed and built for filmmakers by filmmakers. A great sense of community! *****

Aaron Harris
I think this film festival is a great event. Very professional. Very unique in that it's been around so long but it caters to indie creators. *****

James Carroll
It was an honor to be part of such a great festival. *****

Caroline McQuade
I strongly recommend entering your film into The Indie Gathering Film Festival. They select films based on their artistic merit, they are organised, experienced, and extremely professional. I feel very honoured that my film was part of this festival.  *****

Ronn Kilby
The cast and crew of SKIN: The Movie are thrilled to be honored with the 2nd Place/Comedy Short Award - and we couldn't be happier with the warmth and artistic appreciation of this fine film fest. The fact that it was in "the heartland" made it even more special. Super nice folks.  5 Star Review

Harley Wallen
Had a great time at Indie Gathering! It’s a home away from home kind of festival with all around good people and good times! Eternal Code proudly wears your trophy!

Patrick Neff
I really enjoyed myself at this event. It was extremely well run by a group of friendly people. The quality of the films shown was mind blowing. The panel discussions were also a lot of fun. The hotel and conference rooms were very modern and accommodating. Well worth the three hour drive from Detroit.....

Jamie Bucholtz
A solid high five to the festival organisers. Such an awesome platform for the film makers of tomorrow to show their work and collaborate with others in the industry.

David Rousculp
What a wonderful event. We loved the Holiday Inn too. Ray Szuch puts on one of the best film festivals anywhere. They really make an effort to get people to connect. The award event was great. Fast paced and well done. I was Honored to be there and win Best Comedy Feature Script for My Dead Clown. We love Cleveland and the people there. Great job and a must event!

Jason Fisher
This is an Awesome Festival!

Camelle Jones
Was a great experience for my first film festival. Everyone was very informative, nice and the award ceremony was amazing.

Dave Tabar
We really enjoyed this festival, the folks who run it, and its awesome participants. Our jazz music video "Aint No Mystery" won First Place in its category. Our short film honoring WWII recon photographer Bill Wynne (age 97) and his famous 4 lb. Yorkie 'Smoky' in "Angel in a Foxhole" also received an award. Cheers for a well-run, great event!

Russell Emanuel
Wonderful festival that treated us very well! Thank you for the win for Occupants!

JoAnn Hess
Always a top festival that I never miss. Ray and Kristina go out of their way to make everyone feel welcome and part of a special Indie community. It's festive and multi-cultural with great networking opportunities. And the new venue is amazing! Can't wait til the 25th celebration!!

Guillermo Ortiz
Excellent Festival! Second year of being part of it, thanks for the opportunity.

Roxanna Lewis
Thank you IGIFF for screening The Crossing. IGIFF was wonderful with their communication and organization to filmmakers. The vibe was very warm and welcoming. With regret, I was unable to attend due to a shoot but look forward to doing so in the future!

Virginia Shine
All about the filmmakers and celebrating indie film. This is a wonderful festival for networking and sharing your work with other attendees.

Remy Gareau
A great staff with a really fun festival.

Dan Edwards
The Indie Gathering is a fantastic festival! Great networking, quality films, and well run. I enjoy having my films screen here and look forward to the Indie Gathering every year.

Logan Fry
The Indie Gathering International Film Festival is one of my all-time favorite film festivals. Not only is the selection of films comprehensive, but the networking is superb. I've met filmmakers from every continent in the years my films have screened. I'm really looking forward to the fest this year.

Mark Dispenza
This is one of new favorite festivals. Ray and Kristina work very hard to make this festival a prime networking experience for indie filmmakers. Which other festival gives an engraved wrestling belt to the overall winners? I would ordinarily be satisfied with the nice trophy I received, but now I want to enter again for another shot at that belt! I was validated and encouraged by the accolade, and now I have terrific new friends who are supportive fellow travelers in the indie world.

B. R. Tatalovic
TIG is my favorite festival. I live in Ohio and back in 2005, when I graduated w/degree in film from CSU I was looking for some smaller non-commercial festivals to submit my first short films. I discovered TIG right here in Ohio. And the rest is history. They showed over the years my short films, feature films, and other works, I received awards and I met many talented people. TIG is an honest non-mainstream festival - a perfect place for film students, amateur film artists, underground filmmakers, niche media producers, actors, etc... Something for everyone! Great vibes, great hosts, and great atmosphere! Simply, it's a two-thumbs-up festival.

Jim Schneider

Ray and Kristina do a wonderful job of making everyone feel welcome and of running a smooth festival. The workshops were informative and the films were entertaining.

Amber Rose McNeill
Really wonderful festival with a real care for the filmmakers. Lots of networking opportunities and chances to talk to other artists

Jonathan Zarantonello
Positive experience, great festival, thank you!

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