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Representatives from the film may be available for a brief Q&A at the end of each screening.

The Indie Gathering
Thursday, March 11th, 2021

Screening room A
Film screenings 6pm-midnight

Time and Name


For the Love of Indie
Documentary Short

A look back at the last 25 years of the festival.

Oddly Popular
TV Pilot

Four fortuneless women, who can barely manage their everyday lives, find their world even more complicated when they inadvertently land their own reality show.

Dark Web
Crime-Drama Feature

P.I. Stuart Tyrrell is thrust into a world of blackmail, counterfeiting & murder while protecting his client's interests. For Tyrrell, the truth is all that matters, no matter who gets in the way.

Virtually Together
Sci-Fi Short

A man and woman who believe they are in a virtual simulation struggle to figure out why they are stuck there together.

Fantastic Beats and Where to Find Them
Comedy Short

Film student Ernesto finds an unlikely friend in the subject of his latest class project: a documentary on the enigmatic, up-and-coming rapper Yung Coochiesweat.

Love Happens
Suspense-Thriller Feature

A journalist searches for answers in love when unseen forces control the men in her town.

Screening Room B

Time and Name


Hear No Evil
Student Drama Short

A motel owner who pretends to be deaf secretly sells private videos of his guests, until one day a killer discovers one of the cameras, revealing that the owner has recorded his crime. The killer sneaks into the owner's room to delete the video, only to find that the owner has backed up the video to protect himself. After a series of sadistic turns, only one man will make it out alive.

Horror Short

Three inseparable adventurous couples have traveled the world searching for scary places. Their journeys took them to far off lands chasing legends, myths and haunted everything. When two of the couples contemplated divorce, the third couple, Josh and Sydney Fenton, along with Bonnie, Sydney's sister, who is a practicing witch herself and their guide DR, planned one last adventure to assist the two couples in putting the spark back into their marriages. They chose the backwoods of Tennessee to achieve that end in search of the infamous Bell Witch.

The Great Buddha Arrival
Fantasy Feature

A gigantic statue of Buddha awakens and goes on a trek across Japan while the world watches in awe. Featuring an all-star cast of beloved actors from kaiju cinema's history. A modern day reboot of the long lost, and quite possibly first daikaiju film, classic Daibutsu Kaikoku (1934) is a must-see love letter to kaiju cinema.

Don Goldie
Drama Short

Set in Chicago, Illinois, our protagonist, David Jones, has an opportunity to make some fast money and escape his dead-end job. However, he quickly finds himself in over his head.

Red Letters
Drama Short

Ruth has become lukewarm in her faith, when she receives a message from Jesus saying he is coming to visit her.

Cult Classic
TV Pilot

A 40 year old manchild must become a leader by acting like a baby after receiving a mysterious inheritance from his thought-dead father.

No Knock List
Horror Feature

When two hardened criminals facing harsh sentences make a break from prison, they hatch their plan to rob a paranoid recluse who runs a boarding house in her sprawling Victorian manor. Just as their plan seems to be coming together, things inside the mansion begin to unravel. It's a race against time for the men to escape with their lives and sanity intact. The VanGobels mansion holds some very dark secrets, and those who don't follow Ms.VanGobels rules are sure to unlock those secrets. Abandon all hope he who enters here.

Friday, March 12th, 2021
Film screenings 6pm-midnight

Screening room A

Time and Name


Trail Magic: The Grandma Gatewood Story
Documentary Short

Grandma Emma Gatewood was the first woman to solo thru-hike the Appalachian Trail in 1955 at the age of 67 after raising 11 children and surviving domestic abuse! Before she died in 1973 she had hiked the AT several times, completed hikes in Oregon, Vermont and Pennsylvania and helped establish the Buckeye Trail. Find out the rest of her story in this film that includes interviews with family members, historians and hikers. You'll be amazed by this courageous Ohio woman. TRAIL MAGIC was nominated for an Emmy award in 2017 and was named "Best Local Documentary at the Chagrin Film Festival in 2019.

Suspense-Thriller Short

An opportunistic congressman schemes to have his much younger wife killed, but she's already a step ahead of him.

Drama-Comedy Block

-The Mighty Cuyahoga:
Two ne’er-do-wells try to live out their youth by performing one last amazing prank.

Neutrals is a dark comedy short film about two friends, Chris and Dan; who, after accidentally killing the wrong person, find their night spiraling out of control while being pursued by the vicious Wes and his punks.

When faced with discharge, a psychiatric patient is ambivalent about returning to the real world.

-Tom, Death & Harry:
A man faces the possibility of his own death when he meets Death, a pretty swell guy, who teaches him that it is sometimes harder to live.

Letters to Daniel
Drama Feature

Amy and Missy set out to conquer Hollywood, only to be confronted by an invisible enemy, Amy's bipolar disorder.

Wu Xia 2: The Code
Action Feature

In OUR future, one simple breath could mean life or death. As we search for a solution, pollution engulfs our world. If we don't find an answer fast, all living things shall perish. We are the Five Elements, we strive to protect humanity... Years ago, many warriors came to us seeking change, joined our way of life. Right after, A Code was discovered that could save the world and was injected into one of us. We even lost one of our clan's mate. Now we must fight for our lives to bring the code - to the world...or die trying. With the MediCan Research Corporation and The FOUR 11 gang on our tails....We must protect the code....AT ALL COSTS.

Horror Short

Jolie invites her friends to her secluded farm home for a fun weekend away from the city. They soon discover a terrible evil lurking just beneath the soil that wants to consume their very souls.

Screening room B

Time and Name


Dreams of Chonta
Documentary Feature

Dreams of Chonta follows the story of Diego Obregon, an Afro-Colombian musician who came to the United States 16 years ago in search of his dreams. He made the ultimate sacrifice by leaving his family behind and living a solitary life. The film is driven by Diego's musical talent, the heartbeat of the Pacific coast of Colombia, filled with the marimba of Chonta, the Cununo and the Bombo drums, rarely heard outside of his region. Over the course of 10 years, we follow Diego in New York and his family on the other side of the continent giving a unique and intimate view of the immigrant experience. The viewer is transported through extreme contrasts on a journey of a man determined to change his life against all odds.

Noche Loca
Narrative Short

Three girls have a road trip adventure when their car breaks down and they come across some undocumented people. When dealing with this their differences lead to a disagreement. After realizing they were genuine people their mindset on poor people changes.

Hacienda Paraiso
Narrative Short

Clara ventures back to her native town in the heart of the Colombian coffee belt to confront the ghosts of her past and heal old wounds.

Re-Evolution: The Embargo
Documentary Short

What is the Cuban Dream? Will you dream with us?!
Join the conversation with #CubaDreams and follow along to create and uncover more threads of a story we are creating together.

Re-Evolution is a multi-part documentary series co-produced with Northern California Public Media KRCB and distributed by American Public Television. The pilot episode will air on public television stations throughout the United States during Latin-American month 2019.

El Susto
Documentary Feature

When Mexico's love affair with sugary drinks turn deadly, courageous public health activists battle the powerful beverage industry, aka Big Soda, with inspiring and sobering lessons for the rest of the world.

Sambo Creek
Narrative Feature

La Llorona, a supernatural being who seeks revenge for the death of her daughters, attacks a group of young people on vacation at the beach, after they accidentally kill a girl.

Saturday, March 13th, 2021
Film screenings 11am-midnight

Screening room A

Time and Name




Cantabile tells the story of a man whose life is stuck on repeat on the worst day of his life. The story is meant to invoke the myth of Sisyphus, where any progress toward happiness is reset to 0 and none of what he does in the previous day is carried into the next. The man's purpose becomes overcoming the obstacle of living the same day over and over.

-Dark Matter:
Dark Matter is a film that presents riddles that we as humans need to go through for it to be fully realized. If there were no wrong ,how would you recognize the right ? Without recognizing the sin, how would you know if it’s a virtue? Without the existence of evil deeds, how would you recognize goodness?

Two strangers share a room for hours in different shifts. Their loneliness is broken as they both find each other’s objects. A relationship that inhabits between fantasy and reality emerges.

Turn Out The Lights
Drama-Comedy Feature

To rekindle their friendship, four twenty-somethings set out to solve a 17-year-old murder case that occurred in their neighborhood. Jimmy, Leslie, Franky, and Will are on a mission to solve the cold case in this nostalgic lighthearted film about childhood and the things we sometimes leave behind unwittingly.

Bliss Burger
Foreign Suspense- Thriller Short

For Ajit’s wife, his voyage to the United States is to complete his PhD in Engineering. For Ajit, it’s an opportunity to temporarily escape the clutches of an arranged marriage. After he cuts himself off from his cultural roots he finds himself isolated in a new world and remedies his guilt of running away through the solace of a company called Bliss Burger. This is a story about an immigrant’s assimilation into America’s national religion of Consumerism and the search for God’s warm embrace through cheeseburgers.

Drama Short

snapshot of many average Americans and citizens of our world.


-Crazy Kinda Love:
Sheila and Ben are not at the same place in their relationship. Sheila is at the stage of planning a future and sharing all her inner thoughts and feelings; and Ben hasn't thought about dessert yet.

-Euh comment dire

-The Exchange:
A man goes to great lengths to please his girl.

A beloved office worker struggles to ignore the depressing realities of life in order to prepare for an important presentation.

-Toyed With:
Sam and David have really decked the halls, but when the bells start a-ringin', there's a lot of holiday ho-ho-horror in store!

Can Art Stop a Bullet
Documentary Feature


-6th-10th place film score trailer winners
-Absence of Evidence, micro
-Cells, micro
-Don't Sneeze, micro
-Intoxicated, music video
-Letters to Daniel, trailer
-Mang Xia, trailer
-The Perfect Date, micro
-Project Darwin, trailer
-Sessions, web episode
-Skylight, micro
-Snack Attack, micro
-Team MeowSA, micro
-Who Sang It First, music video
-Your Friends, music video

Drama Feature

The Turner Exhibit
Suspense-Thriller Short

The Widow
Crime-Drama Short

Beyond Methuselah
Sci-Fi Feature

Suspense-Thriller Feature

Screening room B

Time and Name


11:00am – 11:50am

-Her Mother's Daughter:
“Her Mother’s Daughter” is an emotional portrait of a volatile and challenging mother-daughter relationship, explored through dance and motion.

Maríangel is a high school student hoping to attend the prestigious Brown University. When her father, Rodolfo, shows up unannounced to her college admissions presentation, she can't understand why he won't take it seriously.

-Yaax Che:
Set during the Mayan empire “Yaax Che” tells the story of two twin brothers sent on a quest to rescue the Princess of the Moon, they soon realize there is someone after them. The ruler of the underworld Xibalba.

Islam de Cuba
Documentary Feature

Abdul, Chaana and Ahmed are some of the thousands of cubans who decided to convert themselves to Islam.
Observing their daily life: work, prayer and family, it emerges the spiritual and social dimensions of three lives. Their choice represents not only an existential redemption, but also an opportunity to share a common space of worship like the Old Havana Mosque, created four years ago by Saudi Arabia and attended by the whole muslim community.


Dolores is an immigrant, in abusive relationship, where there's a child involved. She's decided to leave but will depart leaving behind one last shockingly unforgettable gift, in the form of a surprise.

-El Sueño Americano
: Three immigrants about to cross the border sit around a fire and discuss what "The American Dream" means to them.

: A successful young couple's world is turned upside down when a stranger arrives at their home claiming he's a relative.
El mundo de una pareja exitosa se voltea al revés cuando un extraño aparece en su casa reclamando que es familia.

-La persecución
: Gabriel a dicaprio wants out of the Narcos. The boss sends 2 others to track him down.

-Los Hermanos
: Los Hermanos is a powerful music video edited by filmmaker Maureen Gosling. The video pairs a Los Cenzontles cover version of Argentine composer Atahualpa Yupanqui's haunting song "Los Hermanos" with photos by the celebrated photographer Jim Goldberg.

: Diana Hernandez shares her experience becoming a Xilonen during the Ceremony of Tender Corn.

Siudy Entre Mundos
Documentary Feature

Siudy Between Worlds (Entre Mundos) - 50 performances of the American Dream, tells the story of the now Miami-based Siudy Flamenco Dance Theater (SFDT), whose heritage and roots are in Venezuela and Spain, but who aspire as transplanted artists, refugees and immigrants to see themselves accepted in their adopted American homeland and society. And more poignantly, as artists who were celebrated in South America and Europe, their own, personal version of the American Dream is embodied by the vision of realizing success on (what they perceive to be a cultural and national pinnacle) – the professional stage in New York City, New York.

Screening room B

Time and Name


No More Wasted Kisses
Suspense-Thriller Feature

A factory worker, working his way through college, clashes with his obsessive girlfriend while attempting to find out how a beautiful and mysterious woman ended up dead.

Day Zero: Episodes 4-6
Web Series

SEASON 3 SUMMARY: As the new Confederates and Pioneers take back their country, the United Nations furthers its influence in U.S. policy. Enter Father John (Shawn Stevens, "Days of Our Lives") -- a wandering Carmelite monk who hopes to help the world regain a sense of normalcy. Season 3 of the award-winning, post-apocalyptic "Day Zero" series ups the ante with unique storytelling, numerous new locations, characters, action and drama.


-A Cruel Hunger:
A deranged individual has an insatiable appetite for human flesh.

-The Lesser Key of Solomon:
Hans, coping with the sudden loss of his mother, must battle a dark force that manifests itself as his shadow. With the help of his friend Rand, Hans must comb through various books to find the right incantation and send the entity back into the darkness before it possesses both him and his mother.

Monsters are real and they live among us.

A grieving couple solicits the aid of a witch to resurrect their dead daughter but the child who appears has more sinister plans.

Sand Road
Horror Short

A group of friends who have just committed fraud with a fake charity camp out at an abandoned farmhouse in Holland Landing, and are judged one by one by the spirits lurking there.

Horror Feature

A young woman has moved back home to finish her last year of college. But when she settles back into her life, strange and terrifying events cause her to jump deep into her family's history, and deep into her own past.


Callie is a young wife in the midst of dying. While coming to grips with such an early end to her own life, she suspects her husband, Amit, is moving on from her too early. She uses her best friend, Hannah, as a means of comfort and consolation. Hannah and Amit's multiple attempts to quell Callie's fears fail, and Callie passes still thinking the worst. Hannah and Amit will soon learn how difficult it can be for Callie to say goodbye.

-Tales from a Dark Basement: In
Coffee, we see the story of a man's passion for his black brew. Also included is Killzac.

-Those Beautiful Moments: A
scientist searches for eternal beauty and life.

Media Mayor
Student Drama Short

An aging mayor and his daughter fight for re-election against a younger, more exciting opponent with a strong media presence.

Identity Check
Sci-Fi Short

After two decades of controlling the world’s Virtual Reality market, MDI and its founder, Douglas McKinney, are in complete financial ruin. His toughest rival, multi-billionaire Blake Harper, founder of HarperSoft, is making a quick stop to buy what is left of MDI on his way to Tokyo for a five-day trade summit/mini-vacation. It has also been agreed that during their brief meeting, Harper will be buying one other thing: namely, McKinney’s entire identity as a human being.

Experimental Feature

Based on a true story, NO1 recalls the life of a human. Is it a special life? Is it the life of a hundred? No1 can say until they know the whole story. A man faces his deepest traumatic experiences and fights all his demons. Telling someone's story is challenging as the truth is not always pretty. In this feature film, the main character (NO1) is going over a major life changing experience and he decides to make of his tragic life story, a beautiful visual art project about recovery in front of adversity. How does someone survive and thrive after the death of a parent, abuse, humiliation, torture, alcoholism, addiction, accidents that leaves him with disabilities, an incurable illness? This is how he did it. One day at a time.

Screening room C

Time and Name


The Dental Plan
Drama Feature

An unexpected patient takes a dentist and his assistant hostage, revealing uncomfortable truths about society and -- most of all -- those trapped in the office with him.

Inappropriate Behavior
Crime-Drama Short

A gay couple navigates their way through the rough "family business".

An Invisible War
Sci-Fi Short

s start counter attacks after the US accidentally destroys a base.

Romantic-Drama Feature

Dilettantes follows the story of four friends over the course of four pivotal years in Boston. As they mature from bright-eyed students into uncertain adults, each one struggles to find direction and purpose, and the lines between friendship and romance are blurred. This coming-of-age story reflects on the complicated attachments of young adulthood, and speaks to the anxiety of finding your place in the world.

The Bathing Bandit
Comedy Short

Roommates, Richie and Frankie come home to find a dead body in their bathtub. But that is just the start of it.

Heaven's Gap
Drama Short

When his beautiful young wife Lita disappears, Tyler Jefferson musters the courage and the faith to wait for her...and wait for her...and wait for her. Fifty years later, his dedication may be answered when she mysteriously returns without having aged a single day.

Hell is Empty
Crime-Drama Feature

When treachery and murder turn Dane's world upside down, nothing will stop him from pursuing revenge. Blending modern and classical, this retelling of Hamlet casts the Danish Prince as the heir apparent in a crime family, who sees his world crumble as his power-hungry uncle launches a chain of events that will bring their whole world tumbling down.

Strange Tenants
Documentary Short

Strange Tenants were the “Godfathers of Australian Ska”, emerging in the 1980s in the wake of UK two-tone ska bands like The Specials but producing original political ska songs unlike most other Australian ska bands. 36 years later they’re still around and still political.


-BID: Hakim struggles raising money for his dad's transplant. He sells a lens for 4k on an online marketplace to an unknown buyer.

He ran. She stayed. A brief meeting with Trevor, home to bury his mother, offers Evelyn a chance to make things right.

-First Job:
A bright teenager is forced to make a choice between his best friends and his duty to family and traditions when his father requires him to join the family business. Motivated by obligation and his own ambition, he joins his father for his first job, a job unlike any other.

-First Strike: An u
ndercover operative uncovers what is going on at a local lighter manufacturing facility.

-Girlfriends Past:
Kevin doesn't have a care in the world. Until his ex girlfriends conspire together to kidnap him and teach him a lesson for the wrongs he has done to them.

The Tent
Suspense-Thriller Feature

An apocalyptic event known as the Crisis has devastated David's world leaving him to rely on survival tactics learned from childhood. Isolated and alone, David has taken refuge in a tent on the edge of the wilderness. Soon enough, another survivor emerges, Mary, who immediately begins questioning David's tactics and ultimately putting them in the crosshairs of "Those Who Walk In Darkness", unseen creatures that may or may not be responsible for the Crisis.

Comedy Feature

In this war/horror satire, a group of modern-day Americans are captured by a WW2-era Uboat, with a sinister cargo, bound for New York City.

Sunday, March 14th, 2021
(This morning is Daylight Savings. Make sure you set your clocks forward one hour.)
Film screenings 12pm-5pm

Screening room A

Time and name



-1st-5th place film score trailer winners
-1 800 FitBros, micro
-Breakfast, micro
-Death in the Time of Quarantine, micro
-A Friend in Need, micro
-Game Day, micro
-A PSA on Child Behavior Management, micro
-Recovery Unplugged, trailer
-THIS LOVE, music video
-Too Close to the Sun, music video
-Vanished in Ohio, trailer
-The Way I Used To Know, music video

Pajama Party Work Night
Comedy Short

Jayne and her team receive the assignment to rework the Wellington Proposal by 6:00am. Setbacks and complications result in a hilarious race to the finish line.

TV Pilot

HighBread is a Serio-comedy about Jai who wants to open the first of its kind Pot bakery in Boston despite being an expelled international student from Boston University, having over-controlling, interfering and orthodox parents alongside an expired US visa.

Under ConTroll
Fantasy Feature

Through the excavation of an old statue, a troll that had been banished into it, is accidentally brought back to life. Set free, it possesses the body of a luscious blonde as a disguise. His plan is to open a portal to another dimension in order to unleash hideous creatures upon the Earth.

For the Love of Indie
Documentary Short

A look back at the past 25 years of the festival.

5:15pm-approx. 6:30

Screening room B

Time and name


Experimental Feature

For Dylan Hayden, life has been outwardly idyllic, but internally agonizing. He lives every day with the fractured memories of atrocities he witnessed a decade earlier as a young boy: the murders of his parents and two sisters. To help cope with the upcoming 10-year anniversary of the now infamous and high-profile murders, Dylan agrees to be the subject of a documentary directed by opportunistic true crime vlogger Ethan Lewi
s. As Dylan's repressed memories gradually resurface, he begins to doubt everything he has ever known about his family's past - including the truth about his own brother's involvement in the murders. And when a series of events leads to a renewed public interest in the case, Dylan must confront the truth on his own and find closure once and for all.

TV Pilot

In the midst of planning for her wedding, a controlling young wom
an must learn to let go when her flighty fiancé wants to open up their relationship.

TV Pilot

Victor Fuego, a quirky and biracial medical resident, who is loved by his cancer patients, becomes an enigma for the bureaucratic Cancer Center.

The Rock of Gibraltar
Crime-Drama Feature

When a vicious criminal mastermind escapes prison in 1940s Arkansas, the retired detective who put him there is recruited to hunt him down one last time and avenge the death of his partner.

Screening room C

Time and name


The Forever Choice
Drama Feature

Alan is battling depression and contemplating suicide and a grieving young nurse is all that stands between him and a decision that can never be undone.

Hidden Tigers
Docuseries Pilot

Hidden Tigers is the first reality television series featuring a disabled Asian-American host interviewing ordinary and high-profile individuals about the wisdom won as they strove to live their dreams despite their condition.

New Exodus
Suspense-Thriller Short

A repentant survivalist and his young companions attempt to keep themselves alive in a post-apocalyptic world where his former raiding group could be waiting behind every tree.

TIG Scene Scoring Winners

See the top winners of the 2020 scene scoring competition.

Superstorm: A Love Story
Romantic-Drama Feature

Jim, a retired football player, and his girlfriend Amy go to his cabin for the weekend. Confusing whose weekend it was to have the cabin, Jim's ex-wife, Kate, and her boyfriend Miller also go to the cabin for the weekend. A massive snow storm traps the four inside the house to deal with their relationship issues.

Where East meets West...
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